Nanobrain:The Making of an Artificial Brain from a Time Crystal

Nanobrain:The Making of an Artificial Brain from a Time Crystal
by:Anirban Bandyopadhyay
pages 页数:372 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:CRC Press; 1 edition (12 Mar. 2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1138302929
ISBN-13 书号:9781138302921

Book Description
Making an artificial brain is not a part of artificial intelligence. It will be a revolutionary journey of mankind exploring a science where one cannot write an equation,a material will vibrate like geometric shape,and then those shapes will change to make decisions. Geometry of silence plays like a musical instrument to mimic a human brain. Our thoughts,imagination,everything would be a 3D shape playing as music. Composing music would be the brain’s singular job. For a century,the Turing machine ruled human civilization; it was believed that irrespective of complexity all events add up linearly. This book is a thesis to explore the science of decision-making where events are 3D-geometric shapes,events grow within and above,never side by:side. ​
The book documents inventions and discoveries in neuroscience,computer science,materials science,mathematics and chemistry that explore the possibility of brain or universe as a time crystal. The philosophy of Turing,the philosophy of membrane-based neuroscience and the philosophy of linear,sequential thought process are challenged here by:considering that a nested time crystal encompasses the entire conscious universe. Instead of an algorithm,the pattern of maximum free will is generated mathematically. That very pattern is encoded in materials such that its natural vibration integrates random events exactly similar to the way nature might be doing it in every remote corner of our universe. Find how an artificial brain avoids the necessity for algorithm or programming using the pattern of free will.
Table of Contents
Summary of the Chapters
Chapter 1:Philosophical Transformation Essential to Reverse
Engineer Consciousness
Chapter 2:Replacing Turing Tape with a Fractal Tape:Fractal
Information Theory (FIT)and Geometric Musical Language(GML)
Chapter 3:Phase Prime Metric(PPM)Links All Symmetries in Our
Universe and Governs Nature's Intelligence
Chapter 4:Fractal Mechanics Is Not Quantum but Original-
Geometric Algebra for a Dodecanion Brain
Chapter 5:Big Data in the Garden of Gardens(GOG)-Universal
Time Crystal
Chapter 6:Unprecedented Technologies found in Nature Led by
Harvesting the Geometry of Singularity
Chapter 7:A Complete,Integrated Time Crystal Model of a Human
Chapter 8:Hinductor Not Memristor-Synthesis of Atoms and
Crystals Made of Magnetic Light
Chapter 9:Brain Jelly to Humanoid Avatar-Fractal Reaction
Kinetics,Fractal Condensation,and Programmable Matter for
Chapter 10:Uploading Consciousness-The Evolution of Conscious
Machines of the Future


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