Microinteractions: Full Color Edition 版本: Designing with Details

By 作者: Dan Saffer

ISBN-10 书号: 1491945923

ISBN-13 书号:: 9781491945926

Edition 版本: 1

Release 出版日期: 2013-11-04

pages 页数: (170 )


Book Description

It’s the little things that turn a good digital product into a great one. With this full color practical book, you’ll learn how to design effective microinteractions: the small details that exist inside and around features. How can users change a setting? How do they turn on mute, or know they have a new email message?

Through vivid, real-world examples from today’s devices and applications, author Dan Saffer walks you through a microinteraction’s essential parts, then shows you how to use them in a mobile app, a web widget, and an appliance. You’ll quickly discover how microinteractions can change a product from one that’s tolerated into one that’s treasured.

Explore a microinteraction’s structure: triggers, rules, feedback, modes, and loops
Learn the types of triggers that initiate a microinteraction
Create simple rules that define how your microinteraction can be used
Help users understand the rules with feedback, using graphics, sounds, and vibrations
Use modes to let users set preferences or modify a microinteraction
Extend a microinteraction’s life with loops, such as “Get data every 30 seconds”
Chapter 1. Designing Microinteractions
Chapter 2. Triggers
Chapter 3. Rules
Chapter 4. Feedback
Chapter 5. Loops and Modes
Chapter 6. Putting It All Together
Appendix A. Testing Microinteractions


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Microinteractions: Designing with Details, Full Color Edition


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