Mathematical Methods in Data Science

Mathematical Methods in Data Science 1st Edition
by Jingli Ren, Haiyan Wang (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Elsevier; 1st edition (January 25, 2023)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 258 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 0443186790
ISBN-13 书号: 9780443186790

Book Description
Mathematical Methods in Data Science covers a broad range of mathematical tools used in data science, including calculus, linear algebra, optimization, network analysis, probability and differential equations. Based on the authors’ recently published and previously unpublished results, this book introduces a new approach based on network analysis to integrate big data into the framework of ordinary and partial differential equations for data analysis and prediction. With data science being used in virtually every aspect of our society, the book includes examples and problems arising in data science and the clear explanation of advanced mathematical concepts, especially data-driven differential equations, making it accessible to researchers and graduate students in mathematics and data science.

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