Machine vision and Image recognition

Machine vision and Image recognition
By 作者: Jovan Pehcevski
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Arcler Press
Publication Year: 2019 Publication Date 出版日期: 2020-07-15
Language 语言: English Pages 页数: 290
By 作者: Pehcevski, Jovan (Editor) ISBN:
pages 页数: PDF
Size: 13 Mb
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Machine Vision and Image Recognition informs the readers about the behavior fusion for visually guided service robots and the approaches and limitation in achieving vision in machine. The readers are informed about the use of beacon tracker for dynamic omnidirectional vision localization and explained the QoE assessment of will transmission. They are explained about the concepts that are there to be learnt in neuromorphic vision systems and told about an automatic assembling system for sealing rings. Also discussed in the book is the design of omnidirectional tilt sensor, modelling and positioning system in sand casting process, raising sow and procreating of processing, augmented reality applications, 3D autonomous navigation line, all of which and even more is based on machine vision.


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