Machine Learning using Python

Machine Learning using Python
by:U Dinesh Kumar Manaranjan Pradhan
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2019
ISBN-10 书号:8126579900
ISBN-13 书号:9788126579907
pages 页数:366
Language 语言:English

Book Description
This book is written to provide a strong foundation in Machine Learning using Python libraries by providing real-life case studies and examples. It covers topics such as Foundations of Machine Learning, Introduction to Python, Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Advanced Machine Learning concepts such as decision tree learning, random forest, boosting, recommender systems, and text analytics are covered. The book takes a balanced approach between theoretical understanding and practical applications. All the topics include real-world examples and provide step-by-step approach on how to explore, build, evaluate, and optimize machine learning models.

Chapter 01_Introduction to Machine Learning
Chapter 02_Descriptive Analytics Exploring and Preparing Datasets
Chapter 03_Probability Distributions and Hypothesis Tests
Chapter 04_Linear Regression
Chapter 05_Classification
Chapter 06_Advanced Machine Learning
Chapter 07_Clustering
Chapter 08_Forecasting
Chapter 09_Recommender Systems
Chapter 10_Text Analytics


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