Linux: The Textbook, 2nd Edition

Linux: The Textbook, 2nd Edition
Linux: The Textbook, Second Edition
By 作者: Syed Mansoor Sarwar – Robert M Koretsky
ISBN-10 书号: 1138710083
ISBN-13 书号: 9781138710085
Edition 版本: 2
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-10-12
pages 页数: (688 )


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Linux: The Textbook, Second Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the contemporary use of the Linux operating system for every level of student or practitioner, from beginners to advanced users. The text clearly illustrates system-specific commands and features using Debian-family Debian, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint, and RHEL-family CentOS, and stresses universal commands and features that are critical to all Linux distributions.
The second edition of the book includes extensive updates and new chapters on system administration for desktop, stand-alone PCs, and server-class computers; API for system programming, including thread programming with pthreads; virtualization methodologies; and an extensive tutorial on systemd service management.
Brand new online content on the CRC Press website includes an instructor’s workbook, test bank, and In-Chapter exercise solutions, as well as full downloadable chapters on Python Version 3.5 programming, ZFS, TC shell programming, advanced system programming, and more. An author-hosted GitHub website also features updates, further references, and errata.

New or updated coverage of file system, sorting, regular expressions, directory and file searching, file compression and encryption, shell scripting, system programming, client-server–based network programming, thread programming with pthreads, and system administration
Extensive in-text pedagogy, including chapter objectives, student projects, and basic and advanced student exercises for every chapter
Expansive electronic downloads offer advanced content on Python, ZFS, TC shell scripting, advanced system programming, internetworking with Linux TCP/IP, and many more topics, all featured on the CRC Press website
Downloadable test bank, work book, and solutions available for instructors on the CRC Press website
Author-maintained GitHub repository provides other resources, such as live links to further references, updates, and errata


1 Overview of Operating Systems
2″Quick Start”into the Linux Operating System
3 Editing Text Files
4Files and File System Structure
5 File Security
6Basic File Processing
7 Advanced File Processing
8 File Sharing
9 Redirection and Piping
10 Processes
11 Networking and Internetworking
12 Introductory Bash Programming
13 Advanced Bash Programming
14 Linux Tools for Software Development
15 System Programming I:File System Management
16 System Programming ll:Process Management and
Signal Processing
17 Linux System Administration Fundamentals
Appendix A:Installation Instructions
Appendix B:Books for Further Reference


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