Learning jQuery Deferreds: Taming Callback Hell with Deferreds and Promises

By 作者: Terry Jones – Nicholas H. Tollervey

ISBN-10 书号: 1449369391

ISBN-13 书号:: 9781449369392

Edition 版本: 1

Release 出版日期: 2014-01-06

pages 页数: (132 )


Book Description

Learning jQuery Deferreds: Taming Callback Hell with Deferreds and Promises

Orchestrating asynchronous function calls in JavaScript often leads to callback hell, but there is a reliable way to avoid this painful state of affairs. With this concise and simple guide, you’ll learn how to use jQuery deferreds and promises, an elegant approach for managing asynchronous calls in both client and server applications.

This book contains 18 examples that use deferreds to solve progressively challenging real-world programming problems, along with 75 stimulating puzzles (and their solutions) that will help you understand how and when to use deferreds. You’ll learn new tricks in a fun way, and become immersed in the practice of event-based programming.

Understand the logic behind creating deferreds and returning promises
Get a structured explanation of jQuery’s deferred API
Delve into the dynamics of using deferreds
Explore a broad collection of useful deferred recipes developed by the authors
Gain hands-on experience by solving challenges that accompany each recipe
Go deeper into deferreds: encounter novel abstractions and mind-bending use cases
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The jQuery Deferred API
Chapter 3. Deferred Recipes
Chapter 4. More Time in the Mental Gymnasium

Appendix A. Hints for Selected Challenges
Appendix B. The Promises/A+ Specification
Appendix C. Converting an ArrayBuffer to Base 64


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Learning jQuery Deferreds


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