Laws of UX:Using Psychology to Design Better Products & Services

Laws of UX:Using Psychology to Design Better Products & Services
by:Jon Yablonski
pages 页数:150 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:O′Reilly (1 May 2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:149205531X
ISBN-13 书号:9781492055310

Book Description
An understanding of psychology—specifically the psychology behind how users behave and interact with digital interfaces—is perhaps the single most valuable nondesign skill a designer can have. The most elegant design can fail if it forces users to conform to the design rather than working within the “blueprint” of how humans perceive and process the world around them. This practical guide explains how you can apply key principles in psychology to build products and experiences that are more intuitive and human-centered. Author Jon Yablonski deconstructs familiar apps and experiences to provide clear examples of how UX designers can build experiences that adapt to how users perceive and process digital interfaces.
You’ll learn:

How aesthetically pleasing design creates positive responses
The principles from psychology most useful for designers
How these psychology principles relate to UX heuristics
Predictive models including Fitts’s law,Jakob’s law,and Hick’s law
Ethical implications of using psychology in design
A framework for applying these principles
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Jakob's Law
Chapter 2. Fitts's Law
Chapter 3. Hicks Law
Chapter 4. Miller's Law
Chapter 5. Postel's Law
Chapter 6. Peak-End Rule
Chapter 7. Aesthetic-Usability Effect
Chapter 8. von Restorff Effect
Chapter 9. Tesler's Law
Chapter 10. Doherty Threshold
Chapter 11. With Power Comes Responsibility
Chapter 12. Applying Psychological Principles in Design
About the Author

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