Jenkins 2.x Continuous Integration Cookbook 3rd Edition

Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook - Third EditionJenkins 2.x Continuous Integration Cookbook - Third Edition
by 作者: Mitesh Soni - Alan Mark Berg
ISBN-10 书号: 1788297946
ISBN-13 书号: 9781788297943
Edition 版本: 3rd Revised edition
Publisher Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-12-11
Pages: 452
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt

Book Description

Key Features
Explore the use of more than 40 best-of-breed plug-ins for improving efficiency
Secure and maintain Jenkins by integrating it with LDAP and CAS,which is a Single Sign-on solution
Efficiently build advanced pipelines with pipeline as code,increasing your teams productivity

Book Description
Jenkins is one of the most popular Continuous Integration servers in the market today. It was designed to maintain,secure,communicate,test,build,and improve the software development process.This book will focus on the most latest release of Jenkins that is 2.32,featuring the latest features like pipeline as code,new setup experience,and improved UI. With all new pipeline as code you will be able to build simple or advanced pipeline easily and rapidly,hence improving your teams productivity.
This book will begin by guiding you with the steps for installing and configuring Jenkins 2 on AWS and Azure. This is followed by steps that enable you to manage and monitor Jenkins. You will also explore the ways to enhance the overall security of Jenkins. You will then explore the steps involved in improving the code quality using SonarQube. Then,you will learn the ways to improve quality,followed by how to run performance and functional tests against a web application and web services.
Finally,you will see what the available plugins are,concluding with best practices to improve quality.

What you will learn
Installation and Configuration of Jenkins 2.x on AWS and Azure
Explore effective ways to manage and monitor Jenkins
Secure Jenkins using Matrix-based Security
Deploying a WAR file from Jenkins to Azure App Services and AWS Beanstalk
Automate deployment of application on AWS and Azure PaaS
Continuous Testing - Unit Test Execution,Functional Testing,Load Testing
Chapter 1. Getting Started With Jenkins
Chapter 2. Management And Monitoring Of Jenkins
Chapter 3. Managing Security
Chapter 4. Improving Code Quality
Chapter 5. Building Applications In Jenkins
Chapter 6. Continuous Delivery
Chapter 7. Continuous Testing
Chapter 8. Orchestration
Chapter 9. Jenkins Ui Customization
Chapter 10. Processes That Improve Quality


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