JavaScript Programming Pattern: Looping intelligence

JavaScript Programming Pattern: Looping intelligence
ISBN-10 书号: 1096466090
ISBN-13 书号: 9781096466093
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-05-01
pages 页数: (363 )

The Book Description
This book is specially put in an easy way to be suitable for any age group and to fill the much-needed gap especially for:-
Who is unaware of any approach to build programming logic?

Who had a hard time learning to write a program?
Who are teachers/trainers and looking for a reliable resource to create interest in the subject of programming for their students.
Who had some experience in programming and not confident enough?
Who carries the false notion that coding is only for super smart people.
Who are looking for a 1st solid move to become a self-taught programmer?
Who had some experience in programming with pattern and looking for a STANDARD APPROACH to get the LOGIC RIGHT for any pattern.
Who is a victim of discouragement comments, similar to the following?
Actually, you aren’t interested.
You lack patience and determination.
Your IQ is well below average.
Programming is not about memorizing programming logic or downloading standard college/university level algorithms by practice in our mind, rather we need to understand the approach to solve a problem. Many novice programmers and many frustrated programmers do ask similar kind of questions which are as follows;

How to learn to program?
How to develop logic building skill?
How to learn to code?
How to improve program logic?
The Right Approach:
The logic building skill must be the first and foremost activity which beginners of programming language should focus on.
In order to become confident in any programming language, the first step should be to gain some level of proficiency to self-hack programming logic. I strongly recommend to novice learners, please initially pay more attention to developing programming logic skills rather than concentrating more on the features of programming language.
This book is totally focused on installing programming logic skills in the mind of a learner.
This technical manual is totally dedicated to beginner or intermediate students who are just tired of hitting hard on many places in order to become confident in programming. Additionally, if you are among those who got limited time to learn to program, this is the guide that can serve you well too.
So the rule of the thumb is, in order to learn programming language fast and properly, first learn tactics of programming logic sufficiently.
This book is the launching pad to learn programming logic from the very minimal. Will you…?


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