iPad For Seniors For Dummies

iPad For Seniors For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
Dec 15, 2016

by Jesse Feiler

iPad For Seniors For Dummies, 9th Edition
By 作者: Jesse Feiler
Pages 页数: 448 pages
Edition 版本: 9
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: For Dummies
Publication Date 出版日期: 2016-12-27
ISBN-10 书号:111928015X
ISBN-13 书号:9781119280156

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Break out your reading glasses—iPad instructions for seniors are here
Why should the kids have all the fun? If you're ready to catch up on the latest technology, getting an iPad is a great first step. They're immensely popular tablets, and you're about to discover why! Using a larger font for both the text and its full-color figures, iPad For Seniors For Dummies makes it faster and easier to keep connected in your golden years.
With this book to guide you, you'll soon be using your iPad to instantly stay in touch with loved ones, share family photos, surf the web, keep up with social media, stay on schedule with your Calendar, keep electronic grocery lists handy, and so much more.

    Navigate the screen and the built-in apps
    Use email, messaging, and FaceTime to stay in touch with family and friends
    Capture your memories with the camera
    Read newspapers and books, watch TV and movies, and keep sharp with fun games

So, now it's time to 'wow' your friends—and even your grandkids—by showing them you're hip to the latest technology trends.


Part 1: You, Your iPad, and the World
Chapter 1: Exploring Your iPad
Chapter 2: Using Your iPad
Chapter 3: Apple IDs, iCloud, and Security
Chapter 4: Making Your iPad More Accessible
Part 2: Reaching Out with Your iPad
Chapter 5: Talking to Siri
Chapter 6: Browsing the Internet with Safari
Chapter 7: Keeping in Touch with Email
Chapter 8: Getting Social with Your iPad
Part 3: Treating Yourself to Apps and Media
Chapter 9: Shopping the iTunes Store
Chapter 10: Working with Apps
Chapter 11: Apps for You and Your Home
Part 4: Having Fun and Consuming Media
Chapter 12: Using Your iPad as an E-Reader
Chapter 13: Playing Music on the iPad
Chapter 14: Playing with Photos
Chapter 15: Getting the Most Out of Video Features
Chapter 16: Playing Games
Chapter 17: Finding Your Way with Maps
Part 5: Managing Your Life and Your iPad
Chapter 18: Keeping On Schedule with Calendar and Clock
Chapter 19: Working with Reminders and Notifications
Chapter 20: Managing Contacts
Chapter 21: Making Notes
Chapter 22: Getting the News You Need

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