iOS Application Development with OpenCV

iOS Application Development with OpenCV
by Joseph Howse
pages 页数:228 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing (30 Jun. 2016)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1785289497
ISBN-13 书号:9781785289491
Kali Linux:a complete pentesting toolkit facilitating smooth backtracking for working hackers
About This Book
Conduct network testing, surveillance, pen testing and forensics on MS Windows using Kali Linux
Footprint, monitor, and audit your network and investigate any ongoing infestations
Customize Kali Linux with this professional guide so it becomes your pen testing toolkit
Who This Book Is For
If you are a working ethical hacker who is looking to expand the offensive skillset with a thorough understanding of Kali Linux, then this is the book for you. Prior knowledge about Linux operating systems and the BASH terminal emulator along with Windows desktop and command line would be highly beneficial.
What You Will Learn
Set up Kali Linux for pen testing
Map and enumerate your Windows network
Exploit several common Windows network vulnerabilities
Attack and defeat password schemes on Windows
Debug and reverse-engineer Windows programs
Recover lost files, investigate successful hacks and discover hidden data in innocent-looking files
Catch and hold admin rights on the network, and maintain backdoors on the network after your initial testing is done
In Detail
Microsoft Windows is one of the two most common OS and managing its security has spawned the discipline of IT security. Kali Linux is the premier platform for testing and maintaining Windows security. Kali is built on the Debian distribution of Linux and shares the legendary stability of that OS. This lets you focus on using the network penetration, password cracking, forensics tools and not the OS.
This book has the most advanced tools and techniques to reproduce the methods used by sophisticated hackers to make you an expert in Kali Linux penetration testing. First, you are introduced to Kali’s top ten tools and other useful reporting tools. Then, you will find your way around your target network and determine known vulnerabilities to be able to exploit a system remotely. Next, you will prove that the vulnerabilities you have found are real and exploitable. You will learn to use tools in seven categories of exploitation tools. Further, you perform web access exploits using tools like websploit and more. Security is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. Passwords are often that weak link. Thus, you learn about password attacks that can be used in concert with other approaches to break into and own a network. Moreover, you come to terms with network sniffing, which helps you understand which users are using services you can exploit, and IP spoofing, which can be used to poison a system’s DNS cache. Once you gain access to a machine or network, maintaining access is important.
Thus, you not only learn penetrating in the machine you also learn Windows privilege’s escalations. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions and support images, you will be able to quickly pen test your system and network.
Style and approach
This book is a hands-on guide for Kali Linux pen testing. This book will provide all the practical knowledge needed to test your network’s security using a proven hacker’s methodology. The book uses easy-to-understand yet professional language for explaining concepts.
Chapter 1. Sharpening the Saw
Chapter 2. Information Gathering and Vulnerability Assessment
Chapter 3. Exploitation Tools (Pwnage)
Chapter 4. Web Application Exploitation
Chapter 5. Sniffing and Spoofing
Chapter 6. Password Attacks
Chapter 7. Windows Privilege Escalation
Chapter 8. Maintaining Remote Access
Chapter 9. Reverse Engineering and Stress Testing
Chapter 10. Forensics
Kali Linux:一个完整​​的pentesting工具包,可帮助黑客工作的平滑回溯
使用Kali Linux在MS Windows上进行网络测试,监控,笔测试和取证
使用此专业指南自定义Kali Linux,从而成为您的笔测试工具包
如果您是一名职业道德的黑客,他希望通过对Kali Linux的彻底了解来扩大进攻技能,那么这本书就是为您而设。有关Linux操作系统和BASH终端仿真器以及Windows桌面和命令行的以前的知识将是非常有益的。
设置用于笔测试的Kali Linux
Microsoft Windows是两个最常见的操作系统之一,管理其安全性已经产生了IT安全的纪律。 Kali Linux是测试和维护Windows安全性的首要平台。 Kali建立在Debian的Linux发行版上,分享了该操作系统的传奇稳定性。这可以让您专注于使用网络渗透,密码破解,取证工具,而不是操作系统。
本书具有最先进的工具和技术,用于复制复杂黑客使用的方法,使您成为Kali Linux渗透测试的专家。首先,您将介绍给Kali十大工具和其他有用的报告工具。然后,您将找到您的目标网络,并确定已知的漏洞,以便远程利用系统。接下来,您将证明您发现的漏洞是真实和可利用的。您将学习在七类开发工具中使用工具。此外,您使用诸如websploit等工具执行Web访问漏洞。安全性与链条中最薄弱的环节一样强大。密码通常是弱链接。因此,您可以了解可以与其他方法一起使用以进入和拥有网络的密码攻击。此外,您可以使用网络嗅探,这有助于您了解哪些用户正在使用可以利用的服务,以及IP欺骗,可用于中毒系统的DNS缓存。一旦您访问机器或网络,维护访问就很重要。
本书是Kali Linux笔测试的实践指南。本书将提供使用经过验证的黑客方法测试网络安全性所需的所有实践知识。本书使用易于理解但专业的语言来解释概念。


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