iOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift

iOS 10 SDK Development: Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Swift
by Chris Adamson and Janie Clayton
pages 页数: 264 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: O′Reilly (7 April 2017)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:1680502107
ISBN-13 书号:9781680502107
All in on Swift! iOS 10 and Xcode 8 make it clearer than ever that Swift is Apple's language of the future. Core frameworks have been redesigned to work better with Swift, and the language itself continues to evolve quickly. iOS 10 SDK Development is the pure-Swift approach to developing for the iOS platform. This completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling iOS guide shows you how to pull in the SDK's enormous feature set and deliver powerful, real-world apps for iPhone and iPad using modern Swift programming techniques.
Swift is the language of the future for iOS development, and this completely revised and updated book is your guide. From the community-driven changes in Swift 3 to the overhaul of iOS' Foundation framework to make it more "Swifty," iOS 10 and Xcode 8 mark an "all in" commitment to Swift, and this new edition matches that commitment.
Learn not just the syntax of the Swift language but also stylish Swift, the idiomatic uses of the language, and best practices you'll find in the wild. From there, move into developing a complete, real-world podcast client sample application-completely new for this edition-featuring Internet access, tables, navigation, and media playback, all with the most modern approaches provided by Apple's iOS 10 frameworks and tools. Go beyond code to master the practices that professional developers rely on: testing, debugging, publishing on the App Store, and managing your app over the long haul. As a bonus, you'll get a taste of cutting-edge iOS 10 features, such as the new Siri voice-command API.
Swift's time is here. Whether you're new to Swift or just catching up on iOS' latest features, iOS 10 SDK Development will help you master the language and the platform.


Chapter 1. Playing With Xcode 8
Chapter 2. Starting With Swift
Chapter 3. Swift With Style
Chapter 4. Building User Interfaces
Chapter 5. Connecting The Ui To Code
Chapter 6. Testing The App
Chapter 7. Handling Asynchronicity With Closures
Chapter 8. Loading And Parsing Network Data
Chapter 9. Presenting Data With Tables
Chapter 10. Navigating Through Scenes
Chapter 11. Fixing The App When It Breaks
Chapter 12. Publishing And Maintaining The App
Chapter 13. Taking The Next Step
全部在Swift! iOS 10和Xcode 8比以往任何时候都更清楚,Swift是苹果未来的语言。核心框架已经重新设计,以便与Swift更好地合作,语言本身也在不断发展。 iOS 10 SDK开发是针对iOS平台开发的纯Swift方法。这个完整修订和更新版的畅销iOS指南将向您展示如何使用现代Swift编程技术,为iPhone和iPad提供功能强大的现实应用程序。
Swift是iOS开发未来的语言,而这本完全修订和更新的书是您的指南。从Swift 3的社区驱动变革到iOS基础架构的改革,使其更加“Swifty”,iOS 10和Xcode 8标志着对Swift的“全部”承诺,这一新版本符合这一承诺。
不仅要了解Swift语言的语法,还可以了解时尚的Swift,语言的惯用语,以及您在野外找到的最佳做法。从那里开始,开发一个完整的现实世界的播客客户端示例应用程序 - 这个版本是全新的,具有互联网访问,桌面,导航和媒体播放功能,全部采用苹果iOS 10框架和工具提供的最现代化的方式。超越代码来掌握专业开发人员依赖的做法:测试,调试,在App Store上发布,以及长期管理您的应用程序。作为奖励,您将获得最新的iOS 10功能,例如新的Siri语音命令API。
斯威夫特的时间在这里。无论您是Swift的新人还是赶上iOS的最新功能,iOS 10 SDK开发将帮助您掌握语言和平台。
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