Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory,3rd Edition

Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory,3rd Edition 9780134860992 cIntroduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory,3rd Edition
by: Wade Trappe
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2020
ISBN-13 书号: 9780134860992
pages 页数: 620
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: EPUB
Size: 10 Mb

Book Description
A broad spectrum of cryptography topics,covered from a mathematical point of view
Extensively revised and updated,the 3rd Edition of Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory mixes applied and theoretical aspects to build a solid foundation in cryptography and security. The authors’ lively,conversational tone and practical focus inform a broad coverage of topics from a mathematical point of view,and reflect the most recent trends in the rapidly changing field of cryptography.
Key to the new edition was transforming from a primarily print-based resource to a digital learning tool. The eText is packed with content and tools,such as interactive examples,that help bring course content to life for students and enhance instruction.
Pearson eText is a simple-to-use,mobile-optimized,personalized reading experience. It lets students highlight,take notes,and review key vocabulary all in one place,even when offline. Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media engage students and give them access to the help they need,when they need it.
Educators can easily customize the table of contents,schedule readings,and share their own notes with students so they see the connection between their eText and what they learn in class – motivating them to keep reading,and keep learning. And,reading analytics offer insight into how students use the eText,helping educators tailor their instruction.

Chapter 1 Overview of Cryptography and Its Applications
Chapter 2 Classical Cryptosystems
Chapter 3 Basic Number Theory
Chapter 4 The One-Time Pad
Chapter 5 Stream Ciphers
Chapter 6 Block Ciphers
Chapter 7 The Data Encryption Standard
Chapter 8 The Advanced Encryption Standard: Rijndael
Chapter 9 The RSA Algorithm
Chapter 10 Discrete Logarithms
Chapter 11 Hash Functions
Chapter 12 Hash Functions: Attacks and Applications
Chapter 13 Digital Signatures
Chapter 14 What Can Go Wrong
Chapter 15 Security Protocols
Chapter 16 Digital Cash
Chapter 17 Secret Sharing Schemes
Chapter 18 Games
Chapter 19 Zero-Knowledge Techniques
Chapter 20 Information Theory
Chapter 21 Elliptic Curves
Chapter 22 Pairing-Based Cryptography
Chapter 23 Lattice Methods
Chapter 24 Error Correcting Codes
Chapter 25 Quantum Techniques in Cryptography
Appendix A Mathematica®Examples
Appendix B Maple® Examples
Appendix C MATLAB®
Appendix D Sage Examples
Appendix E Answers and Hints for Selected Odd-Numbered Exercises
Appendix F Suggestions for Further Reading


Introduction to Cryptography with Coding Theory,3rd Edition

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