Information and Computer Technology,Modeling and Control

Information and Computer Technology,Modeling and Control

Information and Computer Technology,Modeling and Control
by: Tamar Lominadze - Maka Khartishvilli - Ketevan Makhashvili
ISBN-10 书号: 1536120758
ISBN-13 书号: 9781536120752
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-07-17
pages 页数: 375

Book Description
In the near future,information technology is likely to be one of the most potent growth areas in advanced industrialized countries. Indeed,it is now widely recognized that long-term economic prosperity will crucially depend upon people's success in developing,mastering,exploiting and marketing information systems.
Modeling,analysis,and control of complex systems have interested scientists and engineers for a long time. With the invention of digital computers,modeling and control have taken great importance with numerous applications in various spheres.
Although the argument for the rapid development and introduction of information technology into the many aspects of our everyday existence is extremely strong,unfortunately it remains the case that at present the technology is being used effectively by only a small proportion of the people who could benefit from it.
In this book,the papers of the Georgian scientists and engineers are presented. Currently novel technologies include information technology,nanotechnology, biotechnology,cognitive science,robotics and artificial intelligence. The purpose of the investigations in these fields is the consolidation and support of Georgian scientists and the experts working in the field of advanced technologies,expansion of international scientific communications,and assistance in the introduction of high-tech technologies.
This collection of articles examines the following questions: problems of control,computer-aided engineering,information and communication systems,prospects of new technologies,systems analysis,intellectual control and decision-making systems,mathematical modelling and computer simulation,problems of sustainable development, parallel computing and its applications,control systems,monitoring systems and measuring systems,theoretical computer science,the paradigm of creativity management,and pedagogy,psychology and spiritual dimensions of scientific paradigms
Chapter 1 The Method and Software of Automated Derivation Theorems on Analogies in Mathematical Models
Chapter 2 Accelerated Test Models
Chapter 3 Computation,Modeling and Simulation in Physics: Past,Present,and Future
Chapter 4 Biometric Electoral System
Chapter 5 Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)
Chapter 6 The Evaluation of the Enterprise Marketing Division’s Work Quality Based on Informative Technology
Chapter 7 Some Algorithms for Solving the Systems of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations on Parallel Computing Systems
Chapter 8 Iveri Prangishvili and the Crisis of Modern Science
Chapter 9 Discrete Problems of Operational Project Management
Chapter 10 The Experimental Investigation of a Flat Plate Solar Collector Using Water as a Heat Transfer Agent
Chapter 11 A Computer Simulation for the Nonlinear Control System of a Drying Apparatus
Chapter 12 Creating the System of Indicators for the Evaluation of Economic Benefits of Social Projects
Chapter 13 The Creation of a Mathematical Model for Simultaneous Asymmetric Faults in Electric Systems
Chapter 14 A New Optimal Access Control System for Distributed Networks
Chapter 15 Controlling in Modern Drug Delivery Systems
Chapter 16 Why Do We Exist? The Physics Perspective
Chapter 17 A Rule-Based Approach to Database Security
Chapter 18 Fuzzy Expressions in Knowledge Representation
Chapter 19 Application Fractal Time Series for Earthquake Cycles
Chapter 20 The Methods of Power Consumption Measurement in Smartphones*
Chapter 21 Religious Education at Public Schools in Georgia
Chapter 22 Database Realization for the Corporation Web-Portal
Chapter 23 Machine Learning Combined Algorithms
Chapter 24 Quantifying Temporal Correlations in Complex Processes via Algorithmic and Information Measures
Chapter 25 The Numerical Algorithm for the Quasi-Linear Differential Equation of a Mixed Type
Chapter 26 Queuing Models for a Large-Scale Technical Systems’ Structural Control
Chapter 27 Parameter Identification of One Class of Non-Stationary Systems
Chapter 28 Advanced Methods of Utilization of Secondary Resources for Energy Production and Accumulation
Chapter 29 New Mathematical Models of Computerized Tomography Based on SVD of Radon Operator
Chapter 30 Communication in the Internet of Things
Chapter 31 One Approach to the Digitization of Analog Sensor Signals
Chapter 32 A Conceptual Approach to the Regional Development of Georgia*
Chapter 33 Some Problems of the Regional Development in Georgia*
Chapter 34 Code Injection Techniques into a Remote Process and Its Countermeasures
Chapter 35 Copper Phthalocyanine Thin Films on Crystalline and Amorphous Substrates: Structure and Optical Properties
Chapter 36 Synchrotron - Based Photoemission Study of Electric Structure of the Ba/Sic(111) Interface
Chapter 37 Self-Organised Learning Based on Entropy Minimization*
Chapter 38 ε-Equilibrium in Games with Strictly Ranked Criteria
Chapter 39 Improvement in the Photosynthesis and Energy Potential of Plants
Chapter 40 Study of Inelastic/Elastic Properties and Shear Modulus of Z-Phase Strengthened Ferritic Steels in the Range 25 ÷ 750˚C
Chapter 41 The Recognition of Symbols Using the Method of Gravitational Center
Chapter 42 Growth Defects of Radiation Annealing Kinetics in − Crystals Radiated by Protons
Chapter 43 Merkle-Hellman Cryptosystem Hacking of the Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 44 A New Scheme of the Estimate Operation Number for the Product of Polynomials
Chapter 45 Construction of Multimedia Databases and User Interfaces For a Computer System To Support Ecological Research In Georgian Aquatory of The Black Sea
Chapter 46 Robust Decentralized Inventory Control in Large-Scale Supply Networks
Chapter 47 Statistical Methods to Estimate Some Geotechnical Properties
Chapter 48 Energy Conservation with Heat Pump Technology in the Milk Industry
Chapter 49 Some Spectroscopic Methods of Studying Bio-Particles
Chapter 50 New Tweakable Block Cipher
Chapter 51 The Process of Independent Increments in Turbulence


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