How to Write Good Programs:A Guide for Students

How to Write Good Programs:A Guide for Students
By 作者:Perdita Stevens
Paperback:214 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Cambridge University Press (23 July 2020)
The Book Description
Learning to program isn’t just learning the details of a programming language:to become a good programmer you have to become expert at debugging, testing, writing clear code and generally unsticking yourself when you get stuck, while to do well in a programming course you have to learn to score highly in coursework and exams. Featuring tips, stories and explanations of key terms, this book teaches these skills explicitly. Examples in Python, Java and Haskell are included, helping you to gain transferable programming skills whichever language you are learning. Intended for students in Higher or Further Education studying early programming courses, it will help you succeed in, and get the most out of, your course, and support you in developing the software engineering habits that lead to good programs.


How to Write Good Programs A Guide for Students 9781108789875.pdf

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