Higher Mathematics for Engineering and Technology: Problems and Solutions

Higher Mathematics for Engineering and Technology: Problems and Solutions
By 作者: Mahir M. Sabzaliev - IIhama M. Sabzalieva
ISBN-10 书号: 1771886420
ISBN-13 书号: 9781771886420
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-04-26
Pages 页数: 272
Based on and enriched by the long-term teaching experience of the authors, this volume covers the major themes of mathematics in engineering and technical specialties. The book addresses the elements of linear algebra and analytic geometry, differential calculus of a function of one variable, and elements of higher algebra. On each theme the authors first present short theoretical overviews and then go on to give problems to be solved. The authors provide the solutions to some typical, relatively difficult problems and guidelines for solving them.
The authors consider the development of the self-dependent thinking ability of students in the construction of problems and indicate which problems are relatively difficult. The book is geared so that some of the problems presented can be solved in class, and others are meant to be solved independently. An extensive, explanatory solution of at least one typical problem is included, with emphasis on applications, formulas, and rules.
This volume is primarily addressed to advanced students of engineering and technical specialties as well as to engineers/technicians and instructors of mathematics.
Key features:
Presents the theoretical background necessary for solving problems, including definitions, rules, formulas, and theorems on the particular theme
Provides an extended solution of at least one problem on every theme and guidelines for solving some difficult problems
Selects problems for independent study as well as those for classroom time, taking into account the similarity of both sets of problems
Differentiates relatively difficult problems from others for those who want to study mathematics more deeply
Provides answers to the problems within the text rather than at the back of the book, enabling more direct verification of problem solutions
Presents a selection of problems and solutions that are very interesting not only for the students but also for professor-teacher staff
Chapter 1.Elements of Linear Algebra and Analytic
Chapter 2.Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
Chapter 3.Differential Calculus of a Function of One
Chapter 4.Studying Functions of Differential Calculus
and Their Application to Construction of Graphs
Chapter 5.Higher Algebra Elements


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