Hands-On Dashboard Development with Shiny

Hands-On Dashboard Development with Shiny:A practical guide to building effective web applications and dashboards
Authors:Chris Beeley
ISBN-10 书号:1789611555
ISBN-13 书号:9781789611557
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2018-08-31
pages 页数:76 pages

Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt
Book DescriptionAlthough vanilla Shiny applications look attractive with some layout flexibility,you may still want to have more control over how the interface is laid out to produce a dashboard. Hands-On Dashboard Development with Shiny helps you incorporate this in your applications.
The book starts by guiding you in producing an application based on the diamonds dataset included in the ggplot2 package. You’ll create a single application,but the interface will be reskinned and rebuilt throughout using different methods to illustrate their uses and functions using HTML,CSS,and JavaScript. You will also learn to develop an application that creates documents and reports using R Markdown. Furthermore,the book demonstrates the use of HTML templates and the Bootstrap framework.
Moving along,you will learn how to produce dashboards using the Shiny command and dashboard package. Finally,you will learn how to lay out applications using a wide range of built-in functions.
By the end of the book,you will have an understanding of the principles that underpin layout in Shiny applications,including sections of HTML added to a vanilla Shiny application,HTML interfaces written from scratch,dashboards,navigation bars,and interfaces.
What You Will Learn
Add HTML to a Shiny application and write its interfaces from scratch in HTML
Use built-in Shiny functions to produce attractive and flexible layouts
Produce dashboards,adding icons and notifications
Explore Bootstrap themes to lay out your applications
Get insights into UI development with hands-on examples
Use R Markdown to create and download reports
Chris Beeley
Chris Beeley has been using R and other open source software for ten years to better capture,analyze,and visualize data in the healthcare sector in the UK. He is the author of Web Application Development with R Using Shiny. He works full-time,developing software to store,collate,and present questionnaire data using open technologies (MySQL,PHP,R,and Shiny),with a particular emphasis on using the web and Shiny to produce simple and attractive data summaries. Chris is working hard to increase the use of R and Shiny,both within his own organization and throughout the rest of the healthcare sector,as well to enable his organization to better use a variety of other data science tools. Chris has also delivered talks about Shiny all over the country.

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