Grokking Bitcoin

Grokking Bitcoin
By 作者: Kalle Rosenbaum
ISBN-10 书号: 1617294640
ISBN-13 书号: 9781617294648
Edition 版本: 1st
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-04-28
pages 页数: (480 )

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If you think Bitcoin is just an alternative currency for geeks, it’s time to think again. Grokking Bitcoin opens up this powerful distributed ledger system, exploring the technology that enables applications both for Bitcoin-based financial transactions and using the blockchain for registering physical property ownership. With this fully illustrated, easy-to-read guide, you’ll finally understand how Bitcoin works, how you can use it, and why you can trust the blockchain.
Foreword by David A. Harding, Contributor to Bitcoin documentation.
Inflation, depressed economies, debased currencies … these are just a few of the problems centralized banking has caused throughout history. Bitcoin, a digital currency created with the ambition to shift control away from change-prone governments, has the potential to bring an end to those problems once and for all. It’s time to find out how it can help you.
Grokking Bitcoin explains why Bitcoin’s supporters trust it so deeply, and why you can too. This approachable book will introduce you to Bitcoin’s groundbreaking technology, which is the key to this world-changing system. This illustrated, easy-to-read guide prepares you for a new way of thinking with easy-to-follow diagrams and exercises. You’ll discover how Bitcoin mining works, how to accept Bitcoin, how to participate in the Bitcoin network, and how to set up a digital wallet.
What’s inside

Bitcoin transactions
The blockchain
Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin wallets


About this book
About the author
Chapter 1.Introduction to Bitcoin
Chapter 2.Cryptographic hash functions and digital signatures
Chapter 3.Addresses
Chapter 4.Wallets
Chapter 5.Transactions
Chapter 6.The blockchain
Chapter 7.Proof of work
Chapter 8.Peer-to-peer network
Chapter 9.Transactions revisited
Chapter 10.Segregated witness
Chapter 11.Bitcoin upgrades
Appendix A.Using bitcoin-cli
Appendix B.Answers to exercises
Appendix C.Web resources
List of Figures
List of Tables


Grokking Bitcoin

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