GraphQL and Android Version 0.3

GraphQL and Android
by Mark L. Murphy
English | 2018 | 264 Pages | True PDF, EPUB, MOBI (ver 0.3) | 10 MB
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August 2017: Version 0.3
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GraphQL is a rapidly-ascending alternative to REST for implementing Web services. Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is popular in Web development. And, where Web service development goes, mobile app development — including Android — inevitably follows.
This book helps you understand what GraphQL is and how to communicate with a GraphQL server, both in terms of GraphQL specifications and syntax and in terms of Android code for reaching those servers.
At the present time, this book is in a “beta” state. Updates via the Warescription will be fairly rapid until the book reaches version 1.0, at which time it will be updated every few months.

GraphaL in Five Minutes
The Role of GraphaL
Top-Level GraphQL Terms
GraphQL Test Environments
Basic Dynamic GraphaL in Android
Basic Static GraphaL in Android
Objects,Fields,and Types
Arguments and Variables
Interfaces,Unions,and Inline Fragments
Miscellaneous GraphaL Syntax
Authentication and the Viewer Pattern
Queries and Paging
Securing GraphaL
Testing GraphaL
Advanced Apollo-Android
Copyright Notice and Terms

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GraphQL and Android Version
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