Fixing Your Scrum:Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems

Fixing Your Scrum:Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems
by:Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller
pages 页数:242 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Pragmatic Bookshelf; 1 edition (January 21,2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1680506978
ISBN-13 书号:9781680506976

Book Description
Broken Scrum practices limit your organization’s ability to take full advantage of the agility Scrum should bring:The development team isn’t cross-functional or self-organizing,the product owner doesn’t get value for their investment,and stakeholders and customers are left wondering when something–anything–will get delivered. Learn how experienced Scrum masters balance the demands of these three levels of servant leadership,while removing organizational impediments and helping Scrum teams deliver real-world value. Discover how to visualize your work,resolve impediments,and empower your teams to self-organize and deliver using advanced coaching and facilitation techniques that honor and support the Scrum values and agile principles.
A Scrum Master needs to know when their team is in trouble and understand how to help them get back on the path to delivery. Become a better Scrum master so you can find the problems holding your teams back. Has your Daily Scrum turned in to a meeting? Does your team struggle with creating user stories? Are stakeholders disengaged during Sprint Review? These issues are common. Learn to use empiricism as your guide and help your teams create great products.
Scrum is so much more than a checklist of practices to follow,yet that’s exactly how many organizations practice it. Bring life back to your Scrum events by:using advanced facilitation techniques to leverage the full intelligence of your team. Improve your retrospectives with new formats and exercises. Ask powerful questions that spark introspection and improvement. Get support and buy-in from management. Use Scrum as a competitive advantage for your organization. Create a definition of done that improves quality and fix failing sprints.
Take the next step on your journey as a Scrum master. Transform your Scrum practices to help your teams enjoy their work again as they deliver high quality products that bring value to the world.
What You Need:
A moderate level of experience using the Scrum Framework.
1.A Brief Introduction to Scrum
2.Why Scrum Goes Bad
3.Breaking Bad Scrum with a Value-Driven ApproachBreaking Bad Scrum with a Value-Driven Approach
4.The Product Owner
5.The Product Backlog
6.The Development Team
7.Embracing the Scrum Master Role
9.Thinking in Sprints
10.Sprint Planning
11.The Sprint Backlog
12.Reclaiming the Daily Scrum
13.Deconstructing the Done Product incrementDeconstructing the Done Product Increment
14.The Sprint Review
15.The Sprint Retrospective


Fixing Your Scrum

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