Enterprise Application Architecture with .NET Core

Enterprise Application Architecture with .NET Core
Enterprise Application Architecture with .NET Core
by Ganesan Senthilvel and Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan
Paperback: 564 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (25 April 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1786468883
ISBN-13: 9781786468888
About the Author
Ganesan Senthilvel
Ganesan Senthilvel is a passionate IT leader with two decades’ experience in architecture, design, and implementing cutting edge solutions to the address business opportunities of enterprise applications. He has earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Master’s degree in Business Administration. Now, he is pursuing a doctorate program in Big Data. He is a consistent technical contributor via COE, Blog, Whitepaper, Summit, Certification, and so on. Highly skilled at providing coaching and mentoring to internal teams and external institutes, he maintains his weekly blog at http://ganesansenthilvel.blogspot.in. He has published double dozens of technology articles on CodeProject and LinkedIn Pulse. He has earned industry certifications in Big Data, Microsoft (MCP, MCAD), and the financial domain.
Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan
Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan is a seasoned programmer and solution architect with more than 14 years of software development experience. He has worked in different organizations across Pakistan, the USA, and the Middle East. Currently, he is working for a government entity based in Dubai, and also provides consultancy services to a Microsoft gold partner firm based in New Jersey. He is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies and specializes mainly in Microsoft .NET, Cloud, and Web development. He is a prolific writer and has published numerous technical articles on different websites, such as MSDN, TechNet, DZone, and so on; he also has a personal blog at http://OvaisMehboob.com and is an author of another book named as JavaScript for .NET Developers, published by Packt. He is an active speaker and group leader of Microsoft Developers UAE Meetup, Microsoft Technology Practices, and Developers and Enterprise Practices user groups, and has presented various technical sessions at various events and conferences. In short, Ovais is a passionate developer and architect who is always interested in learning new technologies. He can be reached at ovaismehboob@hotmail.com, and on Twitter at @ovaismehboob.
Habib Ahmed Qureshi
Habib Ahmed Qureshi is an integration architect and lead developer with over 14 years of professional experience in the software industry working with the cutting edge technologies. He has worked globally with on-site, off-site, and remote teams in Karachi, Dubai, Copenhagen, London, and Basel. He is a go-getter, and his teams always look to him for technical reviews and solutions. He has worked extensively with C++, .NET (C#/VB), Java, TIBCO, and various other middlewares on Windows and other platforms. You can connect to him on Twitter at @habib_a_qureshi.
Architect and design highly scalable, robust, clean and highly performant applications in .NET Core
About This Book
Incorporate architectural soft-skills such as DevOps and Agile methodologies to enhance program-level objectives
Gain knowledge of architectural approaches on the likes of SOA architecture and microservices to provide traceability and rationale for architectural decisions
Explore a variety of practical use cases and code examples to implement the tools and techniques described in the book
Who This Book Is For
This book is for experienced .NET developers who are aspiring to become architects of enterprise-grade applications, as well as software architects who would like to leverage .NET to create effective blueprints of applications.
What You Will Learn
Grasp the important aspects and best practices of application lifecycle management
Leverage the popular ALM tools, application insights, and their usage to monitor performance, testability, and optimization tools in an enterprise
Explore various authentication models such as social media-based authentication, 2FA and OpenID Connect, learn authorization techniques
Explore Azure with various solution approaches for Microservices and Serverless architecture along with Docker containers
Gain knowledge about the recent market trends and practices and how they can be achieved with .NET Core and Microsoft tools and technologies
In Detail
If you want to design and develop enterprise applications using .NET Core as the development framework and learn about industry-wide best practices and guidelines,


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