Embedded C Coding Standard

Embedded C Coding Standard Paperback – June 12, 2018
By 作者:Michael Barr (Author)
pages 页数: 84 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; BARR-C:2018 edition (June 12, 2018)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:1721127984
ISBN-13 书号:9781721127986
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Barr Group’s Embedded C Coding Standard was developed to help firmware engineers minimize defects in embedded systems. Unlike the majority of coding standards, this standard focuses on practical rules that keep bugs out – including techniques designed to improve the maintainability and portability of embedded software. The rules in this coding standard include a set of guiding principles, as well as specific naming conventions and other rules for the use of data types, functions, preprocessor macros, variables, and other C language constructs. Individual rules that have been demonstrated to reduce or eliminate certain types of defects are highlighted. The BARR-C standard is distinct from, yet compatible with, the MISRA C Guidelines for Use of the C Language in Critical Systems. Programmers can easily combine rules from the two standards as needed.


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