Elements of Programming Interviews in Python:The Insiders’ Guide

Elements of Programming Interviews in Python:The Insiders' Guide
Authors:Adnan Aziz - Tsung-Hsien Lee - Amit Prakash
ISBN-10 书号:1537713949
ISBN-13 书号:9781537713946
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2016-09-15
pages 页数:458 pages

Book Description
EPI includes a framework for writing your solutions,as well as testing them against a comprehensive set of test-cases. Head over to judge.elementsofprogramminginterviews.com for details.
Before you buy this book,please first head over to our sample page – elementsofprogramminginterviews.com/sample
The sampler should give you a very good idea of the quality and style of our book. In particular,be sure you are comfortable with the level and with our Python coding style.
Since different candidates have different time constraints,EPI includes a study guide with several scenarios,ranging from weekend Hackathon to semester long preparation with a recommended a subset of problems for each scenario.
All problems are classified in terms of their difficulty level and include many variants to help you apply what you have learned more widely.
All problems includes hints for readers who get stuck. This simulates what you will face in the real interview.


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