Easy way to learn Python

Easy way to learn Python Kindle Edition
by Madhusmita Biswal
Publication date: November 23, 2022
Language 语言: English
File size: 2067 KB
Print length: 364 pages

Book Description
According to me, teaching experience helps an author to write a book in a better way. With knowing and developing new concepts, simultaneously we are also able to share that knowledge with students and readers. Developing new concepts and idea and with it, sharing it to the world should be the main purpose of people of today’s world.
Python makes programming easy and today it is very robust and versatile programming language. List, tuple and dictionary concepts are only in Python which are not available in other programming language.
Very little code can solve a very big problem in Python. Code size can be minimized to a greater extent in Python. Due to its Simple programming structure it has been very demanding programming language in today’s world. Python is such a language almost everybody should know this language whether someone keeps interest in software line or not. As if we are bound to know some natural languages in our life likewise we should know at least one programming language too in our lifetime. Through programming language we can virtually connect with the whole world.
In this book, I have tried my best to give clear knowledge, new concepts and various programming idea in Python. I have finished this book with 100 practice questions. Basically, this book is very much useful for higher class CBSE, BTech, BCA and MCA students.
Madhusmita Biswal

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