Domain-Driven Design With Laravel

Domain-Driven Design With Laravel (Premium Package)

“Domain-Driven Design with Laravel” is the complete guide to mastering DDD the Laravel way. The book covers topics like:

Simplifying ugly controllers with the help of Actions
Leaning out your models with Custom Query Builders
Using View Models to query data for a specific page
Writing very high-level code with Custom Collections
Getting rid of random arrays like $data using Value Objects and DTOs
Removing annoying status strings like draft or approved with States and Transitions
Structuring your code using Domains and Applications
Applying CQRS in the most simple yet effective form
…And much more
All of the above by building a complex, real-world application. No “hello world” or “smells like a Youtube tutorial” examples. We will implement an e-mail marketing application such as ConvertKit or MailChimp, to be more precise.

Premium Package

MailTool source code included, which is a production Laravel e-mail marketing application.
Testing complex features. A 30-page PDF that shows you how to test real complicated features that interact with files, queues, e-mails, or time-sensitive.
Static analysis and CI/CD pipelines. A 18-page PDF helps you get started with phpinsights, phpstan, deptrac, Github actions, Gitlab pipelines. Example files included.
A 20-page case study of designing and building a portfolio and dividend tracker app. Source code included.
Teaches you how to use custom Eloquent Collections. A topic not covered in the book.
The 259-page book in PDF format


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