Docker Management Design Patterns:Swarm Mode on Amazon Web Services

Docker Management Design Patterns:Swarm Mode on Amazon Web Services
Authors:Deepak Vohra
ISBN-10 书号:148422972X
ISBN-13 书号:9781484229729
Edition 版次:1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2017-09-23
pages 页数:320 pages

Book Description
Master every aspect of orchestrating/managing Docker including creating a Swarm,creating services,using mounts,scheduling,scaling,resource management,rolling updates,load balancing,high availability,logging and monitoring,using multiple zones,and networking. This book also discusses the managed services for Docker Swarm:Docker for AWS and Docker Cloud Swarm mode.
Docker Management Design Patterns explains how to use Docker Swarm mode with Docker Engine to create a distributed Docker container cluster and how to scale a cluster of containers,schedule containers on specific nodes,and mount a volume. This book is based on the latest version of Docker (17.0x).
You will learn to provision a Swarm on production-ready AWS EC2 nodes,and to link Docker Cloud to Docker for AWS to provision a new Swarm or connect to an existing Swarm. Finally,you will learn to deploy a Docker Stack on Docker Swarm with Docker Compose.
What You'll Learn
Apply Docker management design patterns
Use Docker Swarm mode and other new features
Create and scale a Docker service
Use mounts including volumes
Configure scheduling,load balancing,high availability,logging and monitoring,rolling updates,resource management,and networking
Use Docker for AWS managed services including a multi-zone Swarm
Build Docker Cloud managed services in Swarm mode
Who This Book Is For
Docker admins,Docker application developers,and container as a service (CAAS) developers. Some prerequisite knowledge of Linux and Docker is required. Apress Pro Docker is recommended as a companion to this book


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