Developing Java Applications with Spring and Spring Boot

Developing Java Applications with Spring and Spring Boot
Authors:Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira - Greg L Turnquist - Alex Antonov
pages 页数:982 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing (August 7,2018)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:1789534755
ISBN-13 书号:9781789534757

Book Description
tkinter GUI Programming By Example:Geometry Management,Event Handling,and more
Leverage the power of Python and its de facto GUI framework to build highly interactive interfaces
Tkinter is a modular,cross-platform application development toolkit for Python. When developing GUI-rich applications,the most important choices are which programming language(s) and which GUI framework to use. Python and Tkinter prove to be a great combination. This book will get you familiar with Tkinter by having you create fun and interactive projects. These projects have varying degrees of complexity. We’ll start with a simple project,where you’ll learn the fundamentals of GUI programming and the basics of working with a Tkinter application. After getting the basics right,we’ll move on to creating a project of slightly increased complexity,such as a highly customizable Python editor. In the next project,we’ll crank up the complexity level to create an instant messaging app. Toward the end,we’ll discuss various ways of packaging our applications so that they can be shared and installed on other machines without the user having to learn how to install and run Python programs.
What You Will Learn

Create a scrollable frame via theCanvas widget
Use the pack geometry manager andFrame widget to control layout
Learn to choose a data structurefor a game
Group Tkinter widgets,such asbuttons,canvases,and labels
Create a highly customizablePython editor
Design and lay out a chat window
Section 1:Spring 5.0 By Example
Chapter 1:Journey to the Spring World
Chapter 2:Starting in the Spring World -the CMS Application
Chapter 3:Persistence with Spring Data and Reactive Fashion
Chapter 4:Kotlin Basics and Spring Data Redis
Chapter 5:Reactive Web Clients
Chapter 6:Playing with Server-Sent Events
Chapter 7:Airline Ticket System
Chapter 8:Circuit Breakers and Security
Chapter 9:Putting It All Together
Section 2:Learning Spring Boot 2.0
Chapter 10:Quick Start with Java
Chapter 11:Reactive Web with Spring Boot
Chapter 12:Reactive Data Access with Spring Boot
Chapter 13:Testing with Spring Boot
Chapter 14:Developer Tools for Spring Boot Apps
Chapter 15:AMQP Messaging with Spring Boot
Chapter 16:Microservices with Spring Boot
Chapter 17:WebSockets with Spring Boot
Chapter 18:Securing Your App with Spring Boot
Chapter 19:Taking Your App to Production with Spring Boot
Section 3:Spring Boot 2.0 Cookbook
Chapter 20:Getting Started with Spring Boot
Chapter 21:Configuring Web Applications
Chapter 22:Web Framework Behavior Tuning
Chapter 23:Writing Custom Spring Boot Starters
Chapter 24:Application Testing
Chapter 25:Application Packaging and Deployment
Chapter 26:Health Monitoring and Data Visualization
Chapter 27:Spring Boot DevTools
Chapter 28:Spring Cloud

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