Demystifying Ansible Automation Platform: A definitive way to manage Ansible Automation Platform and Ansible Tower

Demystifying Ansible Automation Platform: A definitive way to manage Ansible Automation Platform and Ansible Tower
by Sean Sullivan(Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (September 30, 2022)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 314 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1803244887
ISBN-13 书号: 9781803244884

Book Description
Explore Ansible Automation Platform and understand how the different pieces interact to standardize and scale automation

Key Features
Curated by a senior consultant at Red Hat with real-world examples to maximize use of Ansible Automation Platform
Use roles and modules to create interactive playbooks in Ansible Automation Platform
Discover best practices for simplifying management of Ansible Automation Platform

Book Description
While you can use any automation software to simplify task automation, scaling automation to suit your growing business needs becomes difficult using only a command-line tool. Ansible Automation Platform standardizes how automation is deployed, initiated, delegated, and audited, and this comprehensive guide shows you how you can simplify and scale its management.
The book starts by taking you through the ways to get Ansible Automation Platform installed, their pros and cons, and the initial configuration. You'll learn about each object in the platform, how it interacts with other objects, as well as best practices for defining and managing objects to save time. You'll see how to maintain the created pieces with infrastructure as code. As you advance, you'll monitor workflows with CI/CD playbooks and understand how Ansible Automation Platform integrates with many other services such as GitLab and GitHub.
By the end of this book, you'll have worked through real-world examples to make the most of the platform while learning how to manipulate, manage, and deploy any playbook to Ansible Automation Platform.

What you will learn
Get the hang of different parts of Ansible Automation Platform and their maintenance
Back up and restore an installation of Ansible Automation Platform
Launch and configure basic and advanced workflows and jobs
Create your own execution environment using CI/CD pipelines
Interact with Git, Red Hat Authentication Server, and logging services
Integrate the Automation controller with services catalog
Use Automation Mesh to scale Automation Controller
Who this book is for
This book is for IT administrators, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, and automation engineers seeking to understand and maintain the controller part of Ansible Automation Platform. If you have basic knowledge of Ansible, can set up a virtual machine, or have OpenShift experience, and want to know more about scaling Ansible, this book is for you.

Table of Contents
Introduction to Ansible Automation Platform
Installing Ansible Automation Platform
Installing Ansible Automation Platform on OpenShift
Configuring Settings and Authentication
Configuring the Basics after Installation
Configuring Role-Based Access Control
Creating Inventory, and Other Inventory Pieces
Creating Execution Environments
Automation Hub Management
Creating Job Templates and Workflows
Creating Advanced Workflows and Jobs
Using CI/CD to Interact with Automation Controller
Integration with Other Services
Automating at Scale with Automation Mesh
Using Automation Services Catalog

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