Deep Learning Interviews:Hundreds of fully solved job interview questions from a wide range of key topics in AI

Deep Learning Interviews:Hundreds of fully solved job interview questions from a wide range of key topics in AI.
Book 1 of 1:Deep Learning Interviews | by:Shlomo Kashani and Amir Ivry
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Interviews AI (December 3,2020)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:400 pages
ISBN-10 书号:1916243568
ISBN-13 书号:9781916243569

Book Description
deep Learning Interviews is home to hundreds of fully-solved problems,from a wide range of key topics in AI. It is designed to both rehearse interview or exam specific topics and provide machine learning M.Sc./Ph.D. students,and those awaiting an interview a well-organized overview of the field. The problems it poses are tough enough to cut your teeth on and to dramatically improve your skills-but they’re framed within thought-provoking questions and engaging stories.
That is what makes the volume so specifically valuable to students and job seekers:it provides them with the ability to speak confidently and quickly on any relevant topic,to answer technical questions clearly and correctly,and to fully understand the purpose and meaning of interview questions and answers. Those are powerful,indispensable advantages to have when walking into the interview room.
The book’s contents is a large inventory of numerous topics relevant to DL job interviews and graduate level exams. That places this work at the forefront of the growing trend in science to teach a core set of practical mathematical and computational skills. It is widely accepted that the training of every computer scientist must include the fundamental theorems of ML,and AI appears in the curriculum of nearly every university. This volume is designed as an excellent reference for graduates of such programs.

The book spans almost 400 pages
Hundreds of fully-solved problems
Problems from numerous areas of deep learning
Clear diagrams and illustrations
A comprehensive index
Step-by-step solutions to problems
Not just the answers given,but the work shown
Not just the work shown,but reasoning given where appropriate
This book was written for you:an aspiring data scientist with a quantitative background,facing down the gauntlet of the interview process in an increasingly competitive field. For most of you,the interview process is the most significant hurdle between you and a dream job. Even though you have the ability,the background,and the motivation to excel in your target position,you might need some guidance on how to get your foot in the door.
Your curiosity will pull you through the book’s problem sets,formulas,and instructions,and as you progress,you’ll deepen your understanding of deep learning. There are intricate connections between calculus,logistic regression,entropy,and deep learning theory; work through the book,and those connections will feel intuitive.
VOLUME-I of the book focuses on statistical perspectives and blends background fundamentals with core ideas and practical knowledge. There are dedicated chapters on:

Information Theory
Calculus & Algorithmic Differentiation
Bayesian Deep Learning & Probabilistic Programming
Logistic Regression
Ensemble Learning
Feature Extraction
Deep Learning:expanded chapter (100+ pages
These chapters appear alongside numerous in-depth treatments of topics in Deep Learning with code examples in PyTorch,Python and C++.Deep Learning Interviews


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