Deep Learning for Data Analytics:Foundations,Biomedical Applications,and Challenges

Deep Learning for Data Analytics:Foundations,Biomedical Applications,and Challenges
14 Jun. 2020
by Himansu Das,Chittaranjan Pradhan,Nilanjan Dey
pages 页数:218 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Academic Press (14 Jun. 2020)
Language 语言:English
ISBN-10 书号:0128197641
ISBN-13 书号:9780128197646

Book Description
Deep learning,a branch of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning,has led to new approaches to solving problems in a variety of domains including data science,data analytics and biomedical engineering. Deep Learning for Data Analytics:Foundations,Biomedical Applications and Challenges provides readers with a focused approach for the design and implementation of deep learning concepts using data analytics techniques in large scale environments. Deep learning algorithms are based on artificial neural network models to cascade multiple layers of nonlinear processing,which aids in feature extraction and learning in supervised and unsupervised ways,including classification and pattern analysis. Deep learning transforms data through a cascade of layers,helping systems analyze and process complex data sets. Deep learning algorithms extract high level complex data and process these complex sets to relatively simpler ideas formulated in the preceding level of the hierarchy. The authors of this book focus on suitable data analytics methods to solve complex real world problems such as medical image recognition,biomedical engineering,and object tracking using deep learning methodologies. The book provides a pragmatic direction for researchers who wish to analyze large volumes of data for business,engineering,and biomedical applications. Deep learning architectures including deep neural networks,recurrent neural networks,and deep belief networks can be used to help resolve problems in applications such as natural language processing,speech recognition,computer vision,bioinoformatics,audio recognition,drug design,and medical image analysis.

Presents the latest advances in Deep Learning for data analytics and biomedical engineering applications.
Discusses Deep Learning techniques as they are being applied in the real world of biomedical engineering and data science,including Deep Learning networks,deep feature learning,deep learning toolboxes,performance evaluation,Deep Learning optimization,deep auto-encoders,and deep neural networks
Provides readers with an introduction to Deep Learning,along with coverage of deep belief networks,convolutional neural networks,Restricted Boltzmann Machines,data analytics basics,enterprise data science,predictive analysis,optimization for Deep Learning,and feature selection using Deep Learning


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