Deep Learning and the Game of Go

Deep Learning and the Game of Go
Authors:Max Pumperla - Kevin Ferguson
ISBN-10 书号:1617295329
ISBN-13 书号:9781617295324
Edition 版次:1
Release Finelybook 出版日期:2019-01-25
pages 页数:384 pages

Book Description
Deep Learning and the Game of Go teaches you how to apply the power of deep learning to complex reasoning tasks by building a Go-playing AI. After exposing you to the foundations of machine and deep learning,you’ll use Python to build a bot and then teach it the rules of the game.
The ancient strategy game of Go is an incredible case study for AI. In 2016,a deep learning-based system shocked the Go world by defeating a world champion. Shortly after that,the upgraded AlphaGo Zero crushed the original bot by using deep reinforcement learning to master the game. Now,you can learn those same deep learning techniques by building your own Go bot!
Deep Learning and the Game of Go introduces deep learning by teaching you to build a Go-winning bot. As you progress,you’ll apply increasingly complex training techniques and strategies using the Python deep learning library Keras. You’ll enjoy watching your bot master the game of Go,and along the way,you’ll discover how to apply your new deep learning skills to a wide range of other scenarios!
What’s inside

Build and teach a self-improving game AI
Enhance classical game AI systems with deep learning
Implement neural networks for deep learning


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