Database Security: Problems and Solutions

Database Security: Problems and Solutions
Author: Christopher Diaz
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: ‎Mercury Learning and Information (August 15, 2022)
Language 语言: ‎English
Paperback: ‎350 pages
ISBN-10 书号: ‎1683926633
ISBN-13 书号: ‎9781683926634

Book Description
Database Security: Problems and Solutions describes and demonstrates how to resolve database security issues at the design, implementation, and production phases. Database securityconsiders and implements those measures or controls in more specific ways than are generally realized in the broader realm of information security. Database security also involves other confidentiality approaches, such as techniques for account credential management, techniques to manage access to data, as well as techniques to manage the types of access. Database security also considers other, less realized, approaches such as database normalization, referential integrity, transactions, locks, and check constraints. Designed for professionals, workshop settings, and self-learners, the book demonstrates several databases so the reader can follow along in a hands-on approach. Each chapter also has a set of questions and follow up projects to reinforce comprehension of the material.

Includes demonstration and solution implementations on the major Database Management Systems (MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server) and computing platforms (Linux/UNIX, MacOS, Windows) to be applicable for nearly every student and professional
End of chapter exercises to enhance comprehension of topics


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