Creators of Intelligence: Industry secrets from AI Leaders that can be easily applied to build and ace your data science career

Creators of Intelligence: Industry secrets from AI leaders that you can easily apply to advance your data science career
by Dr. Alex Antic(Author), John K. Thompson (Foreword)Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (April 28, 2023)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 374 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1804616486
ISBN-13 书号: 9781804616482

Book Description
Get access to the secret recipe for a successful data science career from 18 AI leaders

Key Features
One-on-one interviews with global Data Science leaders who share their insights and expertise.
Pragmatic advice on how to become a successful Data Scientist and Data Science Leader.
Guidance on overcoming common pitfalls and challenges to ensure your projects succeed and deliver value.

Book Description
A Gartner report in 2018 led to headlines such as “85% of AI implementations will fail by 2022”. It’s unclear whether there was a mass extinction event for AI implementations at the end of 2022 but the question remains: how can I ensure that my project doesn’t become a statistic?
Back in 2015, headlines told us that Data Scientists were the new ‘Rock Stars’ of business, and the demand for the skill set has only grown since then. So just how do you become a Data Scientist Rock Star? As a new senior data leader, how do you build and manage a productive team? What is the path to becoming a Chief Data Officer?
Creators of Intelligence contains a series of in-depth, one-on-one interviews where recognized Data Science leader, Dr. Alex Antic, delves into the answers to these questions, and many more, with some of the world’s leading Data Science leaders and CDOs.
Interviews from: Cortnie Abercrombie, Edward Santow, Kshira Saagar, Charles Martin, Petar Veličković, Kathleen Maley, Kirk Borne, Nikolaj Van Omme, Jason Tamara Widjaja, Jon Whittle, Althea Davis, Igor Halperin, Christina Stathopoulos, Angshuman Ghosh, Maria Milosavljevic, Dr. Meri Rosich, Dat Tran, Stephane Doyen

What you will learn
Where to start with AI ethics and how to evolve from frameworks to practice.
Tips on building and managing a data science team Advice for organizations seeking to build or mature a data science capability.
Stop beating your head against a brick wall – pick the environment that will support your success.
Stories from successful data leaders as they reflect on success and failure in the development of data strategy.
How business areas can best work with data science teams to drive business value.

Who this book is for
The book caters to a wide range of audiences from people working in the data science industry to data science leaders and chief data officers. This book will also cater to senior business leaders, who are interested in learning how data and analytics are used to support decision-making in different domains and sectors. Students who are contemplating a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the broader data sector will also find this book useful. Those developing and delivering university-level education – including undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive programs may also find it useful

Table of contents
2.Cortnie Abercrombie
3.Edward Santow
4.Kshira Saagar
5.Charles Martin
6.Petar Velickovic
7.Kathleen Maley
8.Kirk Borne
9.Nikolaj Van Omme
10.Jason Tamara Widjaja
11.Jon Whittle
12.Althea Davis
13.Igor Halperin
14.Christina Stathopoulos
15.Angshuman Ghosh
16.Maria Milosavljevic
17.Dr Stephane Doyen
19.Dat Tran

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