Complete Python Course: Python Course For Beginners

Complete Python Course: Python Course For Beginners Kindle Edition
by Vijay Verma(Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Vijay Verma (February 23, 2022)
Publication Date 出版日期: February 23, 2022
Language 语言: English
File size: 2003 KB
pages 页数: 512 pages

Book Description
In this book all the important concepts of Python language are explained, which are more required. In this book, 100 percent of Python programming has been told.
This book is for all those students who want to learn how to create Arduino Program. And if you want to make projects based on your ideas, then all of them can take help of this book. With the help of this book, from 8 class students to 12 class students, it can get the basic knowledge of Arduino projects. This book is also for all those students. Those who either doing engineering or want to do engineering (Electronics Engineering, Electronics Communication Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology Engineering). This book will help them to complete their basic for all of them. After reading this book and using all its formulas, you will found the increment in your knowledge, And I can say this with conviction.
Why you should learn python?
Who is this Course For?

What you will learn in this course?
Why this course is different from other courses?
“First of all, why should we learn Python? The growth of Python is happening very fast.The reason for this is that Python is used in many places. Python is used in data analysis. It is used in Python Machine Learning. We can learn deep learning from Python, and we can do all these things with artificial intelligence, desktop application development and web development. Big companies use Python.
2. What will we learn in this course and for whom is this course.
“With this we will learn how we make desktop applications.”
Why is it different from other courses?

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