Essential App Engine: Building High-Performance Java Apps with Google App Engine


Essential App Engine: Building High-Performance Java Apps with Google App Engine (Developer's Library)
By 作者: Adriaan de Jonge
ISBN-10 书号: 032174263X
ISBN-13 书号: 9780321742636
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2011-10-29
pages 页数: 352

In Essential App Engine, Adriaan de Jonge shows Java developers how to rapidly build complex, productionquality, performance-driven cloud applications with Google App Engine. Using a start-to-finish case study and extensive Java example code, De Jonge covers the entire lifecycle, from application design and data modeling through security, testing, and deployment. De Jonge introduces breakthrough techniques for creating applications that respond within two seconds, even on cold startup, and allow server responses in hundreds of milliseconds or less throughout the rest of the session. He also demonstrates how to avoid common mistakes that can dramatically reduce cloud application performance and scalability. He thoroughly covers state-of-the-art user interface development and shows how to make the most of Google App Engine’s extensive set of APIs. Coverage includes Setting up a development environment that makes it easy to continually address performanceUnderstanding the anatomy of a Google App Engine applicationMaking the right technical setup and design choices for each new applicationEfficiently modeling data for App Engine’s NoSQL data storageRecognizing when to avoid OR-mapping and pass datastore entities directly to HTML templatesFinding alternatives to frameworks and libraries that impair App Engine performanceUsing JavaScript and AJAX on the client side of your cloud applicationsImproving browser performance and reducing resource consumption via better use of HTML5 and CSS3Taking advantage of key App Engine APIs: datastore, blobstore, mail, task scheduling, memory caching, URL retrieval, and messagingSecuring cloud-based Web applications with Google Accounts, OpenID, and OAuthImproving your cloud development, quality assurance, and deployment processesTargeting, marketing, and selling cloud solutions, from planning to payment handling


Essential App Engine

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Studio Techniques


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Studio Techniques: Designing and Developing for Mobile with JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 1st Edition
By 作者:David Powers Powers (Author)
Series: Studio Techniques
pages 页数: 288 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Adobe Press; 1 edition (June 25, 2011)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:032177325X
ISBN-13 书号:9780321773258
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David Powers is the author of ten highly regarded books about web development, concentrating mainly on Dreamweaver, PHP, and CSS, including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery with Dreamweaver CS5.5: Learn by Video (Adobe Press, 2011). He has also contributed to four other books on web design. David enjoys a strong relationship with senior members of the Dreamweaver engineering and product management team. He’s an Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Certified Instructor for Dreamweaver, and a PHP 5.3 Zend Certified Engineer.


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 Studio Techniques

Developing Flex 4 Components: Using ActionScript & MXML to Extend Flex and AIR Applications


Developing Flex 4 Components: Using ActionScript & MXML to Extend Flex and AIR Applications 1st Edition
By 作者:Mike Jones (Author)
pages 页数: 336 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1 edition (January 20, 2011)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:032160413X
ISBN-13 书号:9780321604132
Book Description to Finelybook sorting
From the Back Cover
The Complete Insider’s Guide to Building State-of-the-Art Components with Adobe’s Flex 4 Platform

“So many Flex books gloss over the details of component development, or focus just on MXML. Mike Jones has bucked tradition and written a book that can actually help beginning as well as experienced Flex developers. Mike covers topics that are not found in other books. This book is not on my shelf, it’s on my desk next to my keyboard.”

--Adrian Pomilio, UX Developer, Railinc Corp., Cary NC

“Finally, a book that covers Flex components from the ground up. I’ve been working with Flex for several years, but I have to admit that I’ve never quite grasped component development fully, let alone their styling, packaging, and distribution. Thanks for this book, Mike; it was long overdue!”

--Stefan Richter, Editor,; Founder, muchosmedia ltd

Using Adobe’s Flex 4 framework, developers can build rich, immersive solutions more easily and quickly than ever. Much of Flex 4’s remarkable power is based on its component-based approach. Adobe provides many components “out of the box,” but you can accomplish even more By 作者::building your own. In Developing Flex 4 Components , world-renowned Flex and Flash developer Mike Jones thoroughly demystifies all facets of Flex component development, showing how to quickly create and deliver high-value components to the widest possible audience.

Jones introduces the Flex 4 component architecture, reviews its built-in components, and shows how they can be extended or incorporated into new components. Next, he walks through developing components from scratch, covering issues ranging from events to skinning. Finally, he turns to distribution, introducing best practices for everything from integration to documentation.

Jones draws on nearly 15 years’ experience developing with Flex and Flash. You’ll find extensive sample code, plus dozens of practical tips that are available nowhere else. After reading this book, you’ll be able to

• Set up your Flex and Flash Builder development environment

• Understand key differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 component frameworks

• Learn how Flex components are typically structured, developed, and rendered

• Leverage ActionScript and MXML to quickly create components

• Implement view states, transitions, effects, and events

• Manipulate and store complex data collections

• Use Flex 4’s FXG and MXMLG to support skinning and styling

• Create components with Flash Professional CS5’s drawing tools

• Integrate components with Flash Builder

• Package components for easy distribution with or without source code

• Streamline implementation with manifests, design view extensions, and metadata

If you’re an experienced Flash, Flex, or AIR developer, this book will help you create any component you can imagine--and deliver solutions others can only dream about.

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About the Author
Mike Jones has 14 years of experience developing for the Flash Platform. He was first introduced to Flash (then called Futurewave Splash) in November 1996, By 作者::his then Visual Arts studio manager while at a university. Suffice it to say, Flash made sense to Mike, and he literally ran with it and never looked back.

These days, Mike is a Platform Evangelist at Adobe and spends most of his time speaking with customers, presenting, and blogging and tweeting about the Flash Platform. Although developing is Mike’s first love, he never refuses the chance to speak at user groups and conferences about components, the Flex framework, AIR, and the Flash Platform in general.

A regular speaker at Flash on the Beach on topics such as “Flex Development in 60 Minutes” and Flex component development, anyone who has met Mike knows he speaks passionately about these technologies, which is the same passion that has kept him engaged as Flash and Flex have grown over the years. When he isn’t speaking or developing, Mike posts his thoughts and musings on Flash technologies on his blog ( He lives in Haslemere, England, with his wife Emma, new baBy 作者::daughter Freya, and his cat JPeg.


Developing Flex 4 Components 9780321604132.pdf

Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A Contemporary Perspective


Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A Contemporary Perspective
By 作者: Amit Kumar, Sandeep Sen
pages 页数: 350 pages
Edition 版本: 1
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: 2019-07-11
ISBN-10 书号:1108496822
ISBN-13 书号:9781108496827

Design and Analysis of Algorithms: A Contemporary Perspective
By 作者: Sandeep Sen - Amit Kumar
ISBN-10 书号: 1108721990
ISBN-13 书号: 9781108721998
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-07-31
pages 页数: (350 )

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The text covers important algorithm design techniques, such as greedy algorithms, dynamic programming, and divide-and-conquer, and gives applications to contemporary problems. Techniques including Fast Fourier transform, KMP algorithm for string matching, CYK algorithm for context free parsing and gradient descent for convex function minimization are discussed in detail. The book's emphasis is on computational models and their effect on algorithm design. It gives insights into algorithm design techniques in parallel, streaming and memory hierarchy computational models. The book also emphasizes the role of randomization in algorithm design, and gives numerous applications ranging from data-structures such as skip-lists to dimensionality reduction methods.

1Model and Analysis
2Basics of Probability and Tail Inequalities
3Warm-up Problems
4 Optimization l:Brute Force and Greedy Strategy
5 Optimization ll:Dynamic Programming
7 Multidimensional Searching and Geometric Algorithms
8 String Matching and Finger Printing
9 Fast Fourier Transform and Applications
10 Graph Algorithms
11 Maximum Flow and Applications
12 NP Completeness and Approximation Algorithms
13Dimensionality Reduction
14 Parallel Algorithms
15 Memory Hierarchy and Caching
16Streaming Data Model
A PPENDIXA.Recurrences and Generating Functions


Cambridge University Press Design and Analysis of Algorithms A Contemporary Perspective 9781108496827.pdf

The Practice of Computing Using Python, Global Edition, 3rd Edition


The Practice of Computing Using Python, Global Edition, 3rd Edition
pages 页数: 615 pages
Edition 版本: 3
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Pearson Higher Education
Publication Date: 2016T
ISBN-10 书号:1292166622
ISBN-13 书号:9781292166629
Book Description to Finelybook sorting
Focusing on data manipulation and analysis as a theme, the text allows students to work on real problems using Internet-sourced or self-generated data sets that represent their own work and interests. The authors also emphasize program development and provide both majors and non-majors with a practical foundation in programming that will be useful in their respective fields. Among other changes, the Third Edition incorporates a switch to the Anaconda distribution, the SPYDER IDE, and a focus on debugging and GUIs.


Pearson The Practice of Computing Using Python Global Edition 3rd Edition 9781292166629.pdf

Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming, Global Edition, 8th Edition


Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming, Global Edition, 8th Edition
pages 页数: 1056 pages
Edition 版本: 8
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN-10 书号:1292247479
ISBN-13 书号:9781292247472
Book Description to Finelybook sorting
For courses in introductory Computer Science courses using Java, and other introductory programming courses in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, CIS, MIS, IT, and Business.A Concise, Accessible Introduction to Java ProgrammingIdeal for a wide range of introductory computer science courses, Java: An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming, 8th Edition introduces students to object-oriented programming and important concepts such as design, testing and debugging, programming style, interfaces and inheritance, and exception handling. A concise, accessible introduction to Java, the text covers key Java language features in a manner that resonates with introductory programmers. Objects are covered early and thoroughly in the text. The author’s tried-and-true pedagogy incorporates numerous case studies, programming examples, and programming tips, while flexibility charts and optional graphics sections allow instructors to order chapters and sections based on their course needs. This 8th Edition incorporates new examples, updated material, and revisions.Also available with Pearson MyLab ProgrammingMyLab™ Programming is an online learning system designed to engage students and improve results. Pearson MyLab Programming consists of programming exercises correlated to the concepts and objectives in this book. Through practice exercises and immediate, personalized feedback, Pearson MyLab Programming improves the programming competence of beginning students who often struggle with the basic concepts of programming languages.


Pearson Java An Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming Global Edition 8th Edition 9781292247472.pdf

Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights Handle Data-Driven Challenges in an Enterprise Big Data Lake


Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights: Handle Data-Driven Challenges in an Enterprise Big Data Lake
Practical Enterprise Data Lake Insights: Handle Data-Driven Challenges in an Enterprise Big Data Lake
By 作者: Saurabh Gupta - Venkata Giri
ISBN-10 书号: 1484235215
ISBN-13 书号: 9781484235218
Edition 版本: 1st ed.
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2018-07-29
pages 页数: 327

Book Description to Finelybook sorting
Use this practical guide to successfully handle the challenges encountered when designing an enterprise data lake and learn industry best practices to resolve issues.
When designing an enterprise data lake you often hit a roadblock when you must leave the comfort of the relational world and learn the nuances of handling non-relational data. Starting from sourcing data into the Hadoop ecosystem, you will go through stages that can bring up tough questions such as data processing, data querying, and security. Concepts such as change data capture and data streaming are covered. The book takes an end-to-end solution approach in a data lake environment that includes data security, high availability, data processing, data streaming, and more.
Each chapter includes application of a concept, code snippets, and use case demonstrations to provide you with a practical approach. You will learn the concept, scope, application, and starting point.
What You’ll Learn
Get to know data lake architecture and design principles
Implement data capture and streaming strategies
Implement data processing strategies in Hadoop
Understand the data lake security framework and availability model
Who This Book Is For
Big data architects and solution architects
1.Introduction to Enterprise Data Lakes
2.Data lake ingestion strategies
3.Capture Streaming Data with Change-Data-Capture
4.Data Processing Strategies in Data Lakes
5.Data Archiving Strategies in Data Lakes
6.Data Security in Data Lakes
7.Ensure High Availability of Data Lake
8.Managing Data Lake Operations

Introduction to AutoCAD 2008 2D and 3D Design


Introduction to AutoCAD 2008
Introduction to AutoCAD 2008 作者: Alf Yarwood
出版社: Newnes
副标题: 2D and 3D Design
出版年: 2007-07-12
页数: 370
定价: USD 41.95
装帧: Paperback
ISBN: 9780750685122
Book Description to Finelybook sorting
Taking the reader step-by-step through the features of AutoCAD, Alf Yarwood provides a practical, structured course of work matched to the latest release of this software. After introducing first principles and the creation of 2D technical drawings, he goes on to demonstrate the construction of 3D solid and surface model drawings and rendering in the second part. All the new features of the 2008 software release are taken into account, in particular the new workspace for 2D drafting, faster rendering, new rendering methods, more materials, and improved lighting methods. The 2D chapters are also suitable for those learning how to use AutoCAD LT 2008. "Introduction to AutoCAD 2008" includes: hundreds of full-colour drawings and screen shots illustrating the stages within the design process; worked examples and exercises throughout the text, linking the use of AutoCAD to real-world engineering practice; start of chapter learning outcome summaries and end of chapter revision notes and exercises to check the readers' understanding ; and, an accompanying website with worked solutions and AutoCAD drawing files of stages and results for the exercises in the book, as well as further exercises and multiple-choice questions with answers.


Introduction to AutoCAD 2008 2D and 3D Design 9780750685122.pdf

Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (6th Edition)


Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (6th Edition)Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (6th Edition)
By 作者: W. Bolton
ISBN-10 书号: 1292076682
ISBN-13 书号: 9781292076683
Edition 版本: 6
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2016-08-14
pages 页数: 664


15-Mechatronics Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (6th Edition) 9781292076683.pdf Sample