C++ Programming, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast!

C++ Programming, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast!
By 作者: Ada R. Swift, Ray Yao, Ruby C. Perl
Pages 页数: 199 pages
Edition 版本: 1
Language 语言: English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Ray Yao 's eBooks & Books
Publication Date 出版日期: 2020-03-23
ISBN-10 书号:B08696GG48
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About this book:

Absolutely for Beginners
This book covers all essential C++ knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of C++ fast and easily. The book includes more than 80 practical examples for beginners and includes tests & answers for the college exam, the engineer certification, and the job interview.

Source Code for Download
This book provides source code for download; you can download the source code for better study, or copy the source code to your favorite editor to test the programs.
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Chapter 1 Start C++
Install C++
What is C + +?
C++ Comments
Run First Programming
Output Commands
Escaping Characters
C++ Keywords
Data Types
Create a Variable
Arithmetical Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators
Comparison Operators
Exercise: Calculation

Chapter 2 Statements
If Statement
If-else Statement
Switch Statement
For Loop
While Loop
Do-While Loop
Break Statement
Continue Statement
Conditional Operator
Exercise: The Sum

Chapter 3 Use Array
Create an Array (1)
Create an Array (2)
Array Size
Element Value
Function & Arguments
Return Value
Call Another Function
Data Type Conversion
Exercise: Max Value

Chapter 4 String
A String Variable
Input String Data
Input String Sentence
Test Whether Inputted
String pages 页数
Find a Character
Connect Strings
Exchange Strings
Find a Word’s Position
Insert a Substring
Exercise: Show Inputted

Chapter 5 Class & Object
Class Definition
Object Declaration
Class & Object
Using Derived class
Public Permission
Private Permission
Private Example
Protected Permission
Class Method
Access Private Member
Exercise: My House

Chapter 6 Pointer & Reference
Pointer Initialize
Using Pointer
Exchange Pointers
Pointer and Array
Pointer Array
Pointer & String
Reference a Variable
Reference an Object
Reference Arguments
Exercise: Address

Chapter 7 File Operation
Output One Character
Output String
Input One Character
Input String
Input String Sentence
Write a File
Open a File
Read a File
End of File
Exercise: Process File

Chapter 8 Static Exception Vector
this -> member
Static Variable
Static Function
A++ or ++A
Call My Own Function
Local & Global Variable
Return Exception Message
Throw Exception
Vector.method( )
Vector.method( )
Exercise: Error Occurs!

Appendix Tests & Answers

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