C++ How to Program, 10th Edition

C++ How to Program (10th Edition)9789332585737

C++ How to Program (10th Edition)

By 作者: Harvey M. Deitel Paul Deitel
ISBN-10 书号: 9332585733
ISBN-13 书号: 9789332585737
Edition 版本: 10th
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017

C++ How to Program presents leading-edge computing technologies in a friendly manner appropriate for introductory college course sequences, based on the curriculum recommendations of two key professional organizations–the ACM and the IEEE.
The best-selling C++ How to Program is accessible to readers with little or no programming experience, yet comprehensive enough for the professional programmer. The Deitels’ signature live-code approach presents the concepts in the context of full working programs followed by sample executions. The early objects approach gets readers thinking about objects immediately–allowing them to more thoroughly master the concepts. Emphasis is placed on achieving program clarity and building well-engineered software. Interesting, entertaining, and challenging exercises encourage students to make a difference and use computers and the Internet to work on problems. To keep readers up-to-date with leading-edge computing technologies, the Tenth Edition conforms to the C++11 standard and the new C++14 standard.
1Introduction to Computers and C++
2 Introduction to C++Programming,Input/Output and
3Introduction to Classes,Objects,Member Functions and
4Algorithm Development and Control Statements:Part 1
5 Control Statements:Part 2;Logical Operators
6Functions and an Introduction to Recursion
7 Class Templates array and vector;Catching Exceptions
8 Pointers
9 Classes:A Deeper Look
10 Operator Overloading;Class string
11 Object-Oriented Programming:Inheritance
12 Object-Oriented Programming:Polymorphism
13 Stream Input/Output:A Deeper Look
14File Processing
15 Standard Library Containers and lterators
16 Standard Library Algorithms
17 Exception Handling:A Deeper Look
18 Introduction to Custom Templates
19 Custom Templatized Data Structures
20 Searching and Sorting
21Class string and String Stream Processing:A Deeper
22 Bits,Characters,C Strings and structs
Chapters on the Web
A Operator Precedence and Associativity
B ASClI Character Set
CFundamental Types
DNumber Systems
E Preprocessor
Appendices on the Web


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