Building Machine Learning Pipelines: Automating Model Life Cycles with TensorFlow

Building Machine Learning Pipelines
By 作者:Hannes Hapke and Catherine Nelson
pages 页数: 275 pages
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: O′Reilly (31 Aug. 2020)
Language 语言: English
ISBN-10 书号:1492053198
ISBN-13 书号:9781492053194
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Companies are spending billions on machine learning projects, but it’s money wasted if the models can’t be deployed effectively. In this practical guide, Hannes Hapke and Catherine Nelson walk you through the steps of automating a machine learning pipeline using the TensorFlow ecosystem. You’ll learn the techniques and tools that will cut deployment time from days to minutes, so that you can focus on developing new models rather than maintaining legacy systems.
Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and DevOps engineers will discover how to go beyond model development to successfully productize their data science projects, while managers will better understand the role they play in helping to accelerate these projects.

Understand the steps that make up a machine learning pipeline
Build your pipeline using components from TensorFlow Extended
Orchestrate your machine learning pipeline with Apache Beam, Apache Airflow and Kubeflow Pipelines
Work with data using TensorFlow Data Validation and TensorFlow Transform
Analyze a model in detail using TensorFlow Model Analysis
Examine fairness and bias in your model performance
Deploy models with TensorFlow Serving or convert them to TensorFlow Lite for mobile devices
Understand privacy-preserving machine learning techniques

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