Binary Tree Problems:Must for Interviews and Competitive Coding 

Binary Tree Problems:Must for Interviews and Competitive Coding
by:Aditya Chatterjee , Ue Kiao , Srishti Guleria , Hrithik Shrivastava (Contributor), Parth Maniyar (Contributor), Priyanshi Sharma (Contributor), Rohit Topi (Contributor), Amruta U Koshe (Contributor), Ayush Sonare (Contributor), Yash Aggarwal (Contributor)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Independently published (12 May 2021)
Language 语言:English
pages 页数:373 pages
ISBN-13 书号:9798503414837

Book Description
This book “Binary Tree Problems” is carefully crafted to present you the knowledge and practice (around the data structure, Binary Tree) needed to ace Coding Interviews and Competitive Coding Contests.
The book takes you through the fundamentals of Binary Tree, presents how to implement it in a good and secure way, make you practice key problems, present variants like Threaded Binary Tree, Binary Space Partitioning Tree, Skewed Binary Tree, AVL Tree, Treap and much more.

The content covered is deep and is not covered by any other standard book.

Each chapter is followed by a brief note of insight which wraps up your though in the correct direction and is a feast for budding Independent Researchers.
If you aspire you to a good Software Developer, you should definitely get this book. You will be prepared to apply Binary Tree is designing solutions to key real life problems like designing an Excel sheet or making Game Graphics render fast.

Authors:Aditya Chatterjee; Srishti Guleria; Ue Kiao;
Contributors (16):Benjamin QoChuk, Hrithik Shrivastava, Parth Maniyar, Priyanshi Sharma, Rohit Topi, Amruta U. Koshe, Ayush Sonare, Akshay Gopani, Rashmitha, Manasvi Singh, Sahil Silare, Vaibhav Gupta, Vishnu S Reddy, Kyatham Srikanth, Rupali Kavale, Yash Aggarwal;

The topics covered in this book include:
About this book
Binary Tree
Properties of Binary Tree
Implementation of Binary Tree
Implementation of Binary Tree with no NULL
Intuitive View of a Binary Tree
Traversing a Binary Tree (Preorder, Postorder, Inorder)
Convert Inorder+Preorder to Binary Tree (+ other combinations)
Find height or depth of a binary tree
Find Level of each node from root node
Diameter of a Binary Tree
Finding Diameter of a Tree using DFS
Check if a Binary Tree is Balanced by Height
Find number of Universal Value subtrees in a Binary Tree
Counting subtrees where nodes sum to a specific value
Find if a given Binary Tree is a Sub-Tree of another Binary Tree
Check if a Binary Tree has duplicate values
Find nodes which are at a distance k from root in a Binary Tree
Finding nodes at distance K from a given node
Find ancestors of a given node in a binary tree
Largest Independent Set in Binary Tree
Copy a binary tree where each node has a random pointer
Serialization and Deserialization of Binary Tree
0-1 Encoding of Binary Tree
ZigZag Traversal of Binary Tree
Check if 2 Binary Trees are isomorphic
Convert Binary Tree to Circular Doubly Linked list
Introduction to Skewed Binary Tree
Check if Binary Tree is skewed or not
Change Binary Tree to Skewed Binary Tree
Threaded Binary Tree
Operations in Threaded Binary Tree
Convert Binary Tree to Threaded Binary Tree
Binary Search Tree
Converting a Sorted Array to Binary Tree
Minimum number of swaps to convert a binary tree to binary search tree
Find minimum or maximum element in Binary Search Tree
Convert Binary Search Tree to Balanced Binary Search Tree
Find k-th smallest element in Binary Search Tree
Sum of k smallest elements in Binary Search Tree
Different Self Balancing Binary Trees
AVL Tree
Splay Tree
Binary Space Partitioning Tree
Binary Heap
Some real problems
Applications & Concluding Note

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Binary Tree Problems Must for Interviews and Competitive Coding

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