Automatic Control Systems, 10th Edition

Automatic Control Systems, Tenth Edition
By 作者: Farid Golnaraghi - Benjamin C. Kuo
ISBN-10 书号: 1259643832
ISBN-13 书号: 9781259643835
Edition 版本: 10
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2017-02-21
Pages 页数: 864 )

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A complete toolkit for teaching, learning, and understanding the essential concepts of automatic control systems
Edition after acclaimed edition, Automatic Control Systems has delivered up-to-date, real-world coverage designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of control systems. More than a comprehensive text, Automatic Control Systems includes innovative virtual labs that replicate physical systems and sharpen readers’ problem-solving skills.
The Tenth Edition introduces the concept of Control Lab, which includes two classes of experiments: SIMLab (model-based simulation) and LEGOLab (physical experiments using LEGO® robots). These experiments are intended to supplement, or replace, the experimental exposure of the students in a traditional undergraduate control course and will allow these students to do their work within the MATLAB® and Simulink® environment—even at home. This cost-effective approach may allow educational institutions to equip their labs with a number of LEGO test beds and maximize student access to the equipment at a fraction of the cost of currently available control system experiments. Alternatively, as a supplemental learning tool, students can take the equipment home and learn at their own pace.
This new edition continues a tradition of excellence with:
A greater number of solved examples
Online labs using both LEGO MINDSTORMS® and MATLAB/SIMLab
Enhancements to the easy-to-use MATLAB GUI software (ACSYS) to allow interface with LEGO MINDSTORMS
A valuable introduction to the concept of Control Lab
A logical organization, with Chapters 1 to 3 covering all background material and Chapters 4 to 11 presenting material directly related to the subject of control
10 online appendices, including Elementary Matrix Theory and Algebra, Control Lab, Difference Equations, and Mathematical Foundation
A full-set of PowerPoint® slides and solutions available to instructors
Adopted by hundreds of universities and translated into at least nine languages, Automatic Control Systems remains the single-best resource for students to gain a practical understanding of the subject and to prepare them for the challenges they will one day face. For practicing engineers, it represents a clear, thorough, and current self-study resource that they will turn to again and again throughout their career.


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