Automate It with Zapier:Boost your business productivity using effective workflow automation techniques

Automate It with Zapier:Boost your business productivity using effective workflow automation techniques
by Cody Jones,Kelly Goss
pages 页数:618 pages
Edition 版次:1
Language 语言:English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing
Publication Date:2021-08-25
ISBN-10 书号:1800208979
ISBN-13 书号:9781800208971

Book Description

Book Description
Build easy and accessible solutions for automating mundane processes in marketing,sales,operations,and finance to enable teams to focus on core tasks

Key Features
Learn Zapier and find solutions to specific problems with this comprehensive yet concise guide
Explore various scenarios describing specific business problems and how they can be solved with Zapier
Discover expert tips and practical examples to harness the full potential of Zapier

Book Description
Zapier is an emerging no-code workflow automation technology that enables organizations to connect their cloud-based and web applications and automate data transfer between them. Zapier’s built-in features and flexibility allow users to integrate thousands of business applications and create simple to complex automation to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks,thereby increasing productivity. This book is a must-have for business owners,their employees,and independent freelancers and contractors looking to use Zapier for business process automation.

The book takes a hands-on approach to implementation and associated problem-solving methodologies that will have you up-and-running and productive in no time while leveling up your automation skills. You’ll discover how to plan your automation building for optimal results,what are the native features available in Zapier,and the applications that connect with it,as well as how to optimally configure your workflows to automate your processes in as few steps as possible. Finally,you’ll find out how to create advanced workflow automation from scratch and learn how to troubleshoot issues.

By the end of this Zapier book,you’ll be able to build your own advanced workflow automation using Zapier,addressing the key pain points encountered in businesses with manual and repetitive tasks.

What you will learn
Think creatively to plan your business workflows to overcome specific business problems
Get to grips with the native features and built-in applications available in Zapier
Explore different types of third-party business applications that integrate with Zapier
Configure your workflows optimally to automate business processes and minimize task usage
Use Zapier’s library of pre-built workflows and create advanced workflows from scratch
Discover the extensive functionality and practical uses of Zapier’s built-in apps
Who this book is for
This book is for solutions architects,process consultants,business analysts,virtual assistants,digital marketers,CRM consultants,online business managers,technical consultants,bookkeepers,and accountants who want to deploy effective automation techniques in Zapier. This book will help micro,small,or medium-sized businesses to increase their productivity using workflow automation with Zapier,as well as freelancers and contractors providing digital process improvement,systemizing,and automation services. No prior experience with business process automation or Zapier is required.
Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Business Process Automation with Zapier
2. Preparing to Automate your Processes
3. Building Your First Automated Workflow(Zap)
4. Managing Your Zaps
5. Troubles hooting and Handling Zap Errors
6. Creating Multi-step Zaps and Using Built-in Apps
7. Getting Started with Built-in Apps
8. Built-in Communication Apps
9.Exploring Built-in Apps for Extracting and Compiling Data
10. Other Useful Built-in Apps by Zapier
11. Advanced Built-In Apps by Zapier
12. Managing your Zapier Account with Built-in Apps
13. Formatting Date and Time
14. Formatting Numbers
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