Automate It with Zapier and Generative AI: Harness the power of no-code workflow automation and AI with Zapier to increase business productivity, 2nd Edition

Automate It with Zapier and Generative AI: Harness the power of no-code workflow automation and AI with Zapier to increase business productivity
by 作者: Kelly Goss (Author), Philip Lakin (Foreword)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社: Packt Publishing (August 25, 2023)
Language 语言: English
pages 页数: 706 pages
ISBN-10 书号: 1803239840
ISBN-13 书号: 9781803239842

Book Description
Simply and effectively strategize and create automated business workflows with Zapier, including AI-integrated functionality such as the ChatGPT plugin and the OpenAI integration, to reduce time spent on manual and repetitive tasks, all without needing to use code

Key Features
Discover the newest Zapier features including the OpenAI integration and ChatGPT plugin
Explore expert tips and real-life examples to use Zapier effectively to connect 6000+ business apps and automate tasks
Learn how to manage your account effectively and troubleshoot problems with your Zaps

Book Description
Organizations experience significant issues with productivity when dealing with manual and repetitive tasks. Automate it with Zapier, Second edition has been extensively revised on how to analyze your processes and identify repetitive tasks that can be automated between 6000+ cloud-based business applications.

It includes all of the newest features in Zapier such as AI functionality using the ChatGPT plugin, drafts, reordering and duplicating steps and paths, sub-folders and version history, as well as built-in apps such as Looping, Sub-Zap, Interfaces, Tables, Transfer, and provides more examples covering a variety of use cases sourced from the Zapier user community.

You’ll learn how to implement automation in your organization along with its important principles, terminology, and first steps of how to use Zapier. Progressively, you’ll learn how to use Zapier’s native functionality and all 27 built-in apps such as Filter, Paths, Formatter, Digest, and Scheduler, to enable you to build multi-step Zaps. You will also discover how to manage your Zapier account effectively, as well as how to troubleshoot technical problems with your workflows, and use the OpenAI integration to automate AI tasks.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to automate your manual and repetitive tasks using Zapier depicted through real-life examples.

What you will learn
Think out-of-the-box to simplify business workflows and solve productivity problems
Strategize how to optimally structure and build your workflow automation in Zapier to prevent errors and excessive task usage
Get to grips with the newest built-in apps including Transfer, Interfaces, Tables, Looping, Sub-Zap, and the ChatGPT plugin
Learn how to use AI-integrated apps and features with automation
Create complex multi-step Zaps using logic, formatting, and calculations
Effectively manage your account and troubleshoot problems with your Zaps

Who this book is for
This book is for business owners, operations managers and teams in micro, small, or medium-sized businesses looking at automating repetitive tasks and increasing their productivity using Zapier and AI-integrated features. Service providers offering digital process improvement, systemization, and automation services to their clients such as solutions architects, process consultants, business analysts, virtual assistants, CRM consultants, OBMs, bookkeepers and accountants will find this book extremely useful. Suitable for new and experienced Zapier users.

Table of contents
1. Introduction to Business Process Automation with Zapier
2. Preparing to Automate Your Processes
3. Building Your First Automated Workflow (Zap)
4. Managing your Zaps
5. Troubleshooting and Handling Zap Errors
6. Creating Multi-Step Zaps and Using Built-In Apps
7. Getting Started with Built-In Apps
8. Built-In Communication Apps
9. Exploring Built-In Apps for Extracting and Compiling Data
10. Other Useful Built-In Apps by Zapier
11. Advanced Built-In Apps by Zapier
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“I was immediately intrigued when Kelly first told me about the second edition of her book, Automate It with Zapier and Generative AI. As a community builder at the forefront of operations and internal system implementation, I’ve experienced the challenges businesses face in streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

The arrival of a guide that combines the building blocks of no-code automation with the extensibility of AI is beyond well-timed, as these domains are elevating each other every day. The beauty of this book lies in its practicality. Kelly goes beyond explaining concepts – she provides actionable insights and step-by-step guides that businesses can implement immediately. Whether you’re a seasoned operations professional or someone just starting in the world of automation, this book offers valuable lessons.”

Philip Lakin, Co-founder & CEO at NoCodeOps

About the Author
Kelly Goss is a process automation specialist and company director for Solvaa, a cloud-based automation consultancy. She has worked across multiple industry verticals for providing Zapier consultancy, digital process improvement, process mapping and process automation solutions. Kelly is a Zapier Certified Expert and a speaker at multiple events related to automation.

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