Augmented Reality with Unity AR Foundation

Augmented Reality with Unity AR Foundation:A practical guide to cross-platform AR development with Unity 2020 and later versions
by Jonathan Linowes
pages 页数:382 pages
Edition 版次:1
Language 语言:English
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:Packt Publishing
Publication Date:2021-08-16
ISBN-10 书号:1838982590
ISBN-13 书号:9781838982591

Book Description

Book Description
Explore the world of augmented reality development with the latest features of Unity and step-by-step tutorial-style examples with easy-to-understand explanations

Key Features
Build functional and interactive augmented reality applications using the Unity 3D game engine
Learn to use Unity’s XR and AR components,including AR Foundation and other standard Unity features
Implement common AR application user experiences needed to build engaging applications

Book Description
Augmented reality applications allow people to interact meaningfully with the real world through digitally enhanced content.

The book starts by helping you set up for AR development,installing the Unity 3D game engine,required packages,and other tools to develop for Android (ARCore) and/or iOS (ARKit) mobile devices. Then we jump right into the building and running AR scenes,learning about AR Foundation components,other Unity features,C# coding,troubleshooting,and testing. We create a framework for building AR applications that manages user interaction modes,user interface panels,and AR onboarding graphics that you will save as a template for reuse in other projects in this book. Using this framework,you will build multiple projects,starting with a virtual photo gallery that lets you place your favorite framed photos on your real-world walls,and interactively edit these virtual objects. Other projects include an educational image tracking app for exploring the solar system,and a fun selfie app to put masks and accessories on your face. The book provides practical advice and best practices that will have you up and running quickly.

By the end of this AR book,you will be able to build your own AR applications,engaging your users in new and innovative ways.

What you will learn
Discover Unity engine features for building AR applications and games
Get up to speed with Unity AR Foundation components and the Unity API
Build a variety of AR projects using best practices and important AR user experiences
Understand the core concepts of augmented reality technology and development for real-world projects
Set up your system for AR development and learn to improve your development workflow
Create an AR user framework with interaction modes and UI,saved as a template for new projects
Who this book is for
This augmented reality book is for game developers interested in adding AR capabilities to their games and apps. The book assumes beginner-level knowledge of Unity development and C# programming,familiarity with 3D graphics,and experience in using existing AR applications. Beginner-level experience in developing mobile applications will be helpful to get the most out of this AR Unity book.

Table of contents
1. Setting Up for AR Development
2. Your First AR Scene
3. Improving the Developer Workflow
4. Creating an Ar User framework
5. Using the AR User Framework
6. Gallery:Building an AR Ap
7. Gallery:Editing Virtual Objects
8. Planets:Tracking Images
9. Selfies:Making Funny Faces

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