Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving

Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving
Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving
By 作者: Danny Kopec – Christopher Pileggi – David Ungar – Shweta Shetty
ISBN-10 书号: 194453458X
ISBN-13 书号: 9781944534585
Edition 版本: Pap/Cdr
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2016-06-24
pages 页数: (350 )


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This book lends insight into solving some well-known AI problems using the most efficient problem-solving methods by humans and computers. The book discusses the importance of developing critical-thinking methods and skills, and develops a consistent approach toward each problem. This book assembles in one place a set of interesting and challenging AI–type problems that students regularly encounter in computer science, mathematics, and AI courses. These problems are not new, and students from all backgrounds can benefit from the kind of deductive thinking that goes into solving them. The book is especially useful as a companion to any course in computer science or mathematics where there are interesting problems to solve.

Addresses AI and problem-solving from different perspectives
Covers classic AI problems such as Sudoku, Map Coloring, Twelve Coins, Red Donkey, Cryptarithms, Monte Carlo Methods, Rubik’s Cube, Missionaries/Cannibals, Knight’s Tour, Monty Hall, and more
Includes a companion disc with source code, solutions, figures, and more
Offers playability sites where students can exercise the process of developing their solutions
Describes problem-solving methods that might be applied to a variety of situations


Artificial Intelligence and Problem Solving

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