Applied Machine Learning


Applied Machine Learning
By 作者: M GOPAL
ISBN-10 书号: 1260456846
ISBN-13 书号: 9781260456844
Edition 版本: 1
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-06-05
pages 页数: (656 )

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Cutting-edge machine learning principles, practices, and applications
This comprehensive textbook explores the theoretical under-pinnings of learning and equips readers with the knowledge needed to apply powerful machine learning techniques to solve challenging real-world problems. Applied Machine Learning shows, step by step, how to conceptualize problems, accurately represent data, select and tune algorithms, interpret and analyze results, and make informed strategic decisions. Presented in a non-rigorous mathematical style, the book covers a broad array of machine learning topics with special emphasis on methods that have been profitably employed.
Coverage includes:

Supervised learning
Statistical learning
Learning with support vector machines (SVM)
Learning with neural networks (NN)
Fuzzy inference systems
Data clustering
Data transformations
Decision tree learning
Business intelligence
Data mining
And much more


1. Introduction
2. Supervised Learning: Rationale and Basics
3. Statistical Learning
4. Learning With Support Vector Machines(SVM)
5. Learning With Neural Networks(NN)
6. Fuzzy Inference Systems
7. Data Clustering and Data Transformations
8. Decision Tree Learning
9. Business Intelligence and Data Mining: Techniques and
Appendix A Genetic Algorithm (GA) For Search
Appendix B Reinforcement Learning(RL)
Datasets from Real-Life Applications for Machine
Learning Experiments


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