Ansible for Real-Life Automation: A complete Ansible handbook filled with practical IT automation use cases

Ansible for Real-Life Automation: A complete Ansible handbook filled with practical IT automation use cases
by Gineesh Madapparambath (Author)
Publisher Finelybook 出版社:‎Packt Publishing (September 30, 2022)
Language 语言:‎English
pages 页数:‎480 pages
ISBN-10 书号:‎1803235411
ISBN-13 书号:‎9781803235417

Book Description
Learn how to automate and manage your IT infrastructure and applications using Ansible

Key Features
Develop Ansible automation use cases by automating day-to-day IT and application operations
Use Ansible to automate private and public cloud, application containers, and container platforms
Improve your DevOps workflow with Ansible

Book Description
Get ready to leverage the power of Ansible's wide applicability to automate and manage IT infrastructure with Ansible for Real-Life Automation. This book will guide you in setting up and managing the free and open source automation tool and remote-managed nodes in the production and dev/staging environments.

Starting with its installation and deployment, you'll learn automation using simple use cases in your workplace. You'll go beyond just Linux machines to use Ansible to automate Microsoft Windows machines, network devices, and private and public cloud platforms such as VMWare, AWS, and GCP. As you progress through the chapters, you'll integrate Ansible into your DevOps workflow and deal with application container management and container platforms such as Kubernetes. This Ansible book also contains a detailed introduction to Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to help you get up to speed with Red Hat AAP and integration with CI/CD and ITSM.

What's more, you'll implement efficient automation solutions while learning best practices and methods to secure sensitive data using Ansible Vault and alternatives to automate non-supported platforms and operations using raw commands, command modules, and REST API calls.

By the end of this book, you'll be proficient in identifying and developing real-life automation use cases using Ansible.

What you will learn
Explore real-life IT automation use cases and employ Ansible for automation
Develop playbooks with best practices for production environments
Approach different automation use cases with the most suitable methods
Use Ansible for infrastructure management and automate VMWare, AWS, and GCP
Integrate Ansible with Terraform, Jenkins, OpenShift, and Kubernetes
Manage container platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenShift with Ansible
Get to know the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and its capabilities
Who this book is for
This book is for DevOps and systems engineers looking to adopt Ansible as their automation tool. To get started with this book, basic knowledge of Linux is necessary, along with an understanding of how tasks are done the manual way before setting out to automate them.

Table of Contents
Ansible Automation – Introduction
Starting with Simple Automation
Automating Your Daily Jobs
Exploring Collaboration in Automation Development
Expanding Your Automation Landscape
Automating Microsoft Windows and Network Devices
Managing Your Virtualization and Cloud Platforms
Helping the Database Team with Automation
Implementing Automation in DevOps workflow
Managing Containers using Ansible
Managing Kubernetes using Ansible
Integrating Ansible with your Tools
Using Ansible for Secret Management
Keeping Automation Simple but Powerful
How to Automate nonsupported platforms
Automation Best Practices for Production

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