Algorithms Illuminated Part 4: Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems

Algorithms Illuminated (Part 4): Algorithms for NP-Hard Problems
By 作者:Tim Roughgarden
Paperback : 271 pages
ISBN-10 : 0999282964
ISBN-13 : 9780999282960
Product Dimensions : 15.24 x 1.57 x 22.86 cm
Publisher Finelybook 出版社 : Soundlikeyourself Publishing, LLC (16 July 2020)
Language 语言: : English
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Fourth book in a series that provides an accessible, no-nonsense, and programming language-agnostic introduction to algorithms. Includes hints or solutions to all quizzes and problems, and a series of YouTube videos By 作者:the author accompanies the book. Part 4 covers algorithmic tools for tackling NP-hard problems (heuristic algorithms, local search, dynamic programming, MIP and SAT solvers) and techniques for quickly recognizing NP-hard problems in the wild.


Algorithms Illuminated Part 4 9780999282960.pdf

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