Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming

Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)
By 作者: John Hunt
ISBN-10 书号: 3030259420
ISBN-13 书号: 9783030259426
Edition 版本: 1st ed. 2019
Release Finelybook 出版日期: 2019-09-18
pages 页数: (497 )

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Advanced Guide to Python 3 Programming delves deeply into a host of subjects that you need to understand if you are to develop sophisticated real-world programs. Each topic is preceded by an introduction followed by more advanced topics, along with numerous examples, that take you to an advanced level.
There are nine different sections within the book covering Computer Graphics (including GUIs), Games, Testing, File Input and Output, Databases Access, Logging, Concurrency and Parallelism, Reactive programming, and Networking. Each section is self-contained and can either be read on its own or as part of the book as a whole.
This book is aimed at the those who have learnt the basics of the Python 3 language but want to delve deeper into Python’s eco system of additional libraries and modules, to explore concurrency and parallelism, to create impressive looking graphical interfaces, to work with databases and files and to provide professional logging facilities.


Computer Graphics
2Introduction to Computer Graphics
3Python Turtle Graphics
4Computer Generated Art
5Introduction to Matplotlib
6Graphing with Matplotib pyplot
7 Graphical User Interfaces
8The wxPython GUI Library
9 Events in wxPython User Interfaces
10PyDraw wxPython Example Application
Computer Games
11 Introduction to Games Programming
12 Building Games with pygame
13 StarshipMeteors pygame
14 Introduction to Testing
15PyTest Testing Framework
16Mocking for Testing
File Input/Output
17 Introduction to Files,Paths and lO
18Reading and Writing Files
19 Stream lO
20Working with CSV Files
21Working with Excel Files
22 Regular Expressions in Python
Database Access
23 Introduction to Databases
24Python DB-API
25PyMySQL Module
26Introduction to Logging
27 Logging in Python
28Advanced Logging
Concurrency and Parallelism
29Introduction to Concurrency and Parallelism
30 Threading
31 Multiprocessing
32 Inter Thread/Process Synchronisation
33 Futures
34 Concurrency with AsynclO
Reactive Programming
35Reactive Programming Introduction
36RxPy Observables,Observers and Subjects
37 RxPy Operators
Network Programming
38 Introduction to Sockets and Web Services
39 Sockets in Python
40 Web Services in Python
41 Bookshop Web Service

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