Advanced Computing in Industrial Mathematics,2019 Edition

Advanced Computing in Industrial Mathematics:12th Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of SIAM December 20-22,2017,Sofia,Bulgaria Revised Selected Papers (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
ISBN-10 书号:3319972766
ISBN-13 书号:9783319972763
Edition 版次:1st ed. 2019
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Book Description
This book gathers the peer-reviewed proceedings of the 12th Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,BGSIAM’17,held in Sofia,Bulgaria,in December 2017. The general theme of BGSIAM’17 was industrial and applied mathematics,with a particular focus on:high-performance computing,numerical methods and algorithms,analysis of partial differential equations and their applications,mathematical biology,control and uncertain systems,stochastic models,molecular dynamics,neural networks,genetic algorithms,metaheuristics for optimization problems,generalized nets,and Big Data.

Method for Indoor Localization of Mobile Devices Based on AoA and Kalman Fitering
Cross-Validated Sequentially Constructed Multiple Regression
How to Assess Multi-population Genetic Algorithms Performance Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic
Perturbation Analysis of a Nonlinear Matrix Equation Arising in Tree-Like Stochastic Processes
On Two-Way Generalized Nets
Variational Methods for Stable Time Discretization of First-Order Differential Equations
Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Fractional Differential Equations with Singularties
Testing Performance and Scalability of the Pure MPI Model Versus Hybrid MP-2/OpenMP Model on the Heterogeneous Supercomputer Avitohol
Analyses and Boolean Operation of 2D Polygons
Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Workforce Planning:Influence of the Algorithm Parameters
Convergenceof Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving of Two-Dimensional Fuzy Volterra Functionalntegral Equations
Iterative Method for Numerical Solution of Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Urysohn Fuzzy Integral Equations
Comparison Analysis on Two Numerical Solvers for Fractional Laplace Problems
Initial Calibration of MEMS Accelerometers,Used for Measuring Inclination and Toolface
Design and Implementation of Moving Average Calculations with Hardware FPGA Device
On the Exact Traveling Wave Solutions of a Hyperbolic Reaction-Diffusion Equation
Generalized Nets:A New Approach to Model a Hashtag Linguistic Network on Twiter
On the Group Analysis of Differential Equations on the Group SL(2,R)
on Digital Watermarking for Audio Signals
Numerical Evaluation of Fokas' Transform Solution of the Heat Equation on the Half-Line
Molecular Dynamics Study of the Solution Behaviour of Antimicrobial Peptide Indolicidin
A Functional Expansion anda New Set of Rapidly Convergent Series Involving Zeta Values
Simulated Annealing Method for Metal Nanoparticle Structures Optimization
Orientation Selectivity Tuning of a Spike Timing Neural Network Model of the First Layer of the Human Visual Cortex
Gaussian Model Deformation of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Caused by the Interaction between the Wall Elasticity and the Average Blood Pressure
EM Estimation of the Parameters in Latent Mallows' Models
Evolution Equation for Propagation of Blood Pressure Waves in an Artery with an Aneurysm
The Derivatives of Polynomials Represented as a Linear Combination of Finite Diferences with Step One
Investigation of As-cast Light Alloys by Selected Homogenization Techniques with Microstructure Effects
Performance Analysis of Intel Xeon Phi MlCs and Intel Xeon CPUs for Solving Dense Systems of Linear Algebraic Equations:Case Study of Boundary Element Method for Flow Around Airfoils
Memristor CNNs with Hysteresis
Change Point Analysis as a Tool to Detect Abrupt Cosmic Ray Muons Variations
Performance Analysis of Effective Methods for Solving Band Matrix SLAEs After Parabolic Nonlinear PDEs
Statistical Characteristics of a Flow of Substance in a Channel of Network that Contains Three Arms
Hermitian and Pseudo-Hermitian Reduction ofthe GMV Auxiliary System. Spectral Properties of the Recursion Operators


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